Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 17 - Trying the shoes of another person

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For this day, the challenge is to identify someone you would want to switch lives with for one day.

I am a silent and boring person. I know some of you will not agree with me because I talk a lot in my blog. Added to it the fact that I am a part time educator. How come? Who would ever thought that teachers are quiet and shy persons? If we meet in person, you will surely find me shy and quiet. I admit I wasn't born with excellent interpersonal skills. To some extent, this even made me earn a negative reputation from a few cousins and relatives. Well this is what I have to say, I may not interact that much in person but that doesn't give other people enough reasons to criticize me. My few close friends can prove that I am not after all the worst person in the heads of some narrow-minded people.

Knowing I have this weakness, I avoided careers that require a lot of talking and socializing. This could also explain why I fell in love with writing. I also ventured to a full time job that doesn't require much interaction with other people. I spend the day in front of my computer reviewing policies, conducting some statistical analysis and writing technical reports.

If I would be given the chance to switch or try another person's life, I wanted to be in the shoes of someone who appears to be my complete opposite. For at least a day, I wanted to experience a "loud" and highly interactive career. Sorry for the lack of term ;-) The life of a famous celebrity, talk show host, or perhaps a journalist. I'm just curious how it feels when everyone in the country equally knows your name and half of your life, meeting countless number of people, thousands of acquaintances and friends and seeing different places. If given the chance I wanted to see for myself how some people find happiness in the life I never imagined to have.


  1. The chance to switch shoes with someone is a very interesting thought. I think we all have tried to imagine how a different life would be.

  2. you don't have to wish yourself in another's shoes..i believe that the person you wanted to be is just inside you..just waiting to be unleashed.It's your choice to be the quiet person that you are right now and you still have the other choice to someone you can still be.i mean, you love writing, it's a start, talk show hosts,celebrities,journalists they say what is written, they follow lines..i hope you get what i mean.God made us as an evolving and learning creature so we better make the most of it.=)

  3. I would want that for a day or two, too. But I've always known that I rather have my own set of problems and trials than somebody else's. After all no one else can deal with myself better than ME :)


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