Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 18 - Self Appreciation Day

Today, I will be writing a topic which I am not comfortable to deal with. Self appreciation or writing positive things about myself is the task of the challenge. Being a painfully shy and silent person, I really avoid bragging or telling other people my few and humbled accomplishments. In social gatherings and family reunions, you would most likely see me quietly observing and mingling with my small circle of acquaintances. This perhaps explains why some would label me as a sore, boring and single loser. Whatever! ;-) Tag me with all the names you want, it was never my dream to become everyone's apple of the eye anyway. I will never buy the idea of becoming the woman every man wants. I'd rather be the woman he only wants. (Oh, where did that come from? LOL)

I mentioned in a previous post that I also hate self proclaimed achievements or titles. I made a lot of encounters with them, let's not just mention where. Otherwise, some gossipers and squealers will be treated to a feast. (Again, I can feel you LOL) What I will instead share here are some words of appreciation I received from a few close persons.

One of my former superiors told me that I always get the job done on time. I can prepare the reports and beat the deadline. Wow, that was all music to my ears. At least, I have proof that I am not an employee who only works for payday. Some of my former students also told me that I am so patient and considerate in dealing with them. At the very least, my students recognize the efforts that contribute to the early unwanted lines and years on my face.

Aside from my teaching and office jobs, I also handle free lance works. I help masteral students who are writing their theses. What I could proudly say is that all of my clients successfully passed their defense. Little do they know, I am equally nervous on the outcome of their papers. Their grade also serves as my performance indicator as a research consultant. So far, my record remains unblemished. Thank God. :)

I guess that would be it. Love me or hate me, at the end of the day.. this is the true me. :)

Photo owned by Roger Hargreaves "Little Miss Shy"


  1. you have to love yourself at all times love

    first comes you then everyone else =D


  2. This is very interesting because you are such a prolific blogger and so friendly. Maybe the computer gives some of us the little extra cover we need or desire. You sound like a very giving person and I know how much you love your family. These are wonderful attributes to be proud of. My advice don't over think things. Makes life complicated. I have to stop myself from this all the time.

  3. Diane, I am a fellow "shy girl." I have always been super quiet, always the last to share my thoughts, and find comfort in small groups of friends. I can tell you though...that the older I became the more comfortable I became with myself. Now, I am a little louder, share my feelings more readily, and may even like being the center of the party. ;) Just know that there are beautiful qualities in that "shy girl!"


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