(From Left) Baby Sophia, Jo Ann, Me, Lani and Baby Jasmin
Jo Ann and Lani are one of the world's few best girlfriends. The three of us met when we were pursuing our MBA. They came unexpectedly, but have proven to be one of the greatest additions in my life. When I went back to school, all I wanted was the degree. I was determined to finish my studies in the soonest time possible. Never had it come in my mind that I will gain a new family in that chapter of my life. These girls brought out the best in me. They were with me in those trying moments of my life. When I thought that there was no more future for me and when I stupidly fell  ..... past is past hahahaha When we finished our academic years, our meetings became less frequent. We went busy with our respective lives. I tried organizing a reunion last year, which later gave me major disappointments. I vowed to never accept this role again.

Christmas is coming and I hope God will make a way for us to spend some time together. I miss you guys.