I cannot recall what exactly happened to me a year ago. I checked my 2010 planner and to my dismay, I made no entries for the month of November. Failure! But I will not give up in fulfilling the task of this challenge. Allow me to instead recall some things that made last year's November.

In the Philippines, November starts with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. My family headed to the cemetery to visit my paternal grandmother.

After five years with the Research Department, I was transferred to the Planning Office. I was already getting adjusted over my new job. It was also during this month when I started handling Economics subjects. When I started teaching, my assignment is usually concentrated on Research related subjects, since much of my experience is within this field. I almost thought that I have to bury the law and theories I have painfully learned in four years. I was given the chance to teach the subject of my expertise.

Off from work, we had the annual Employees' Awards Night. These are the rare instances when everyone is forced to dig their cabinets and dust off those formal attires.

My paternal grandfather celebrates his birthday on November. My paternal family treated him for a sumptuous dinner. This reminds me that we need to meet up on Sunday.

When November comes, I am usually starting to feel the most awaited holiday of the year. The shopping, dinners, parties and reunions are coming in. The rush, excitement and happiness are felt everywhere. But as of this date, I still can't feel Christmas because of something that I need to accomplish. Allow me to save the details of this endeavor on a future post. For now, may I humbly request for your prayers and support. I promise to blog about this soon....