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I am not really into TV series. I remember watching Sex and City in an on and off basis. I accidentally discovered this show on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed the teaser and vowed to purchase a DVD copy of the series. Well to be honest, even though I love Jess (Zooey Desschanel) I missed a lot of episodes already. The show airs when I am usually out of our home... Friday night. Perfect ruin!

I love how Jess hillariously deals with a bad break up, especially when she would utter her sentiments to a forced song. To some extent, I wanted to have Jess' male friends too. Jess and her equally unique male housemates create the best comedy riot.

I have a lot of things to accomplish today. I will meet one of my girlfriends, errands and prepare some important things for next week. So this explains why I have this short and lousy post. ;-) Bye for now, wishing everyone a great weekend.