Here we go for another ala Miss Universe question ;-) Here's my honest answer for this question: I will never get tired of loving, writing and working for my family. Three things: LOVE, WRITE and WORK.

I would never get tired of loving. Remember the greatest quote from Moulin Rouge?

I think this already explains everything. Like all the songs mention, it is the greatest gift, my only wish, can move mountains, we all have the perfect descriptions for love. At the end of the day though, there is no other thing in this world that could replace or even appear as a close substitute for love.

I would never stop writing. As in never!  Writing gives me freedom and the feeling that I still have self worth. Writing will forever remain to be my first love. You can take away everything from me, but never my love and passion for writing.

Working.. Though I have a love and hate relationship with work, this is something I will never regret doing. Working has opened doors of opportunities, success, failures and best of all, a lot of learning. And though it is called work, working makes me feel that I am forever a student who thirsts for knowledge and never gets tired of learning things. Working entered me to the real school of life. I met and learned from different people, gained and lost friends, and taught me real theories of life that can never be felt and understood in the four corners of the classroom.

Five to Ten years from now, my answers might no longer be the same. Priorities and point of views might change. New people may enter to my life. But as of today, I will hold on to these choices. No one could even force me to trim down my choices. All I know is that as of now, these are the things that will always complete me.

Happy Sunday to everyone.