Watching movies in bed over lazy afternoons is something I look forward every weekend. But the work after teaching prevents me to regularly enjoy this stress busting activity. And because of this, I suddenly wanted to count the days before we have our Christmas break... I can't wait for the weeks when I have the luxury of time of sleep late and cocoon in bed the next day.

While I wait for the best lazy days, allow me to share with you some of the movies I enjoyed. 
27 Dresses
Let's not detail why I fell in love with this movie. My close friends can explain how and why the hopeless romantic in me can relate to Jane Nichol's (Katherine Heigl) character.

Julie and Julia
I was very reluctant to purchase a DVD copy of this film. But the awards and nominations it received made me take it home. My doubts about the film were erased when I watched this in one boring weekend afternoon. If you love to cook and you are into blogging, then this is a must see film.    

Fast Five
I have always been a fan of the Fast and Furious series. This is one of the few movies for the boys that I've learn to love.

The Forbidden Kingdom
Fans of Jackie Chan and Jet Li will never forget this movie. This is the first and lone film where two of the best Chinese superstars came together in one movie.

I was able to watch this film when I was still an active member of Video City, one the famous video rental shops in the Philippines. I was forced to watch this film because I was so bored and all the good movies in the rack were already rented. But after watching the movie, I realized that it wasn't a bad last resort at all. I love the movie's simple and cheesy plot, as most of my friends would say. 

My Sassy Girl

I reviewed this film in one of my blog posts. Same with Pretty Woman and 27 Dresses, I have low expectations over this film. I never knew that this film would later be one of best love stories I have ever watched.

Dear John
The movie's ending diverted much from the original ending of the book. (Well, isn't always like that?) More than the love story, what I appreciated over the film is the depiction of John's relationship over this father.You can learn more about this film in this post.
The Little Rascals
Who would not love this movie? Love, friendship, happiness and cuteness! Who could ever resist them?

One of the educators I admire is found in Katherine Ann Watson's (Julia Roberts) character. Yes she is not perfect. She is hardheaded but fierce enough to make a difference in the academic system.

These are so far a shortlist of my favorite movies of all time. I'm sure I have forgotten something and this list will continuously be updated over the next days, months and years. The movie fan in me will never stop to discover and enjoy more masterpieces.

How about you? What are your all time favorite movies? I would love to hear them too.
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