Mark this day, the 6th day of November 2011. Something exciting is coming out of this blog after 30 days. What would that be? Let's play some suspense and discover that after a few weeks. For now, I hope you could focus your attention to a challenge I will be undertaking.  My blog will soon turn one and to celebrate this, I am engaging myself to the 30 day blog challenge. Hooray!

But what exactly is the 30 day blog challenge? For 30 consecutive days, I will challenge myself to produce a daily post. Yes, I have to blog everyday! I have assigned topics to write each day and let's leave that as a big surprise too.

So to start things right, let me declare this day as DAY 1 of the 30 day blog challenge.

For Day 1, I am sharing with you a portion of my wishlist. Aside from love and happiness, my wishes serve as one of the sources of my inspiration. (Errrr, how cheesy! hahaha)

1. A Fat Savings Account - Soon I will replace my father as the family's bread winner. Before I embrace that role, I hope to raise enough funds for my family. I also don't want to become a burden to others as I enter old age. I wanted to become financially independent.

2. Happy Work and Successful Career - I would be the happiest if I would achieve both. I wanted to remain happy with my work. I wanted to learn and accomplish more things and later establish myself to a niche of my own specialization. Half of my life right now is all about work. I love my work despite of the ups and downs it give me. In the future though I hope my work would love me back. More than promotion, I wanted to professionally grow and develop my own expertise.

3. Vacation House at Tagaytay - Most of my friends don't know how much I fell in love with Tagaytay. I know there are a lot of better places in the Philippines but Tagaytay for me would remain special. I made a lot of happy memories in this place and I just love the spectacular view of the Taal Lake, lush greenery and the cool temperature which I rarely experience in the city.

4. My own car -  Driving my own car was a dream I have ever since I was a child. I just love the idea of having the independence to reach places without the hassles and misadventures of commuting. 

5. Continuous freelance works - Aside from my full time job, I accept free lance works in the form of research writing and consultation. So far, this job has given me additional money to fatten my savings account, treat my family to a lavish dinner and of course occasional shopping money. Over the next years, I hope to have referrals from my previous satisfied clients and accommodate more work to love.

6. That silent and secret wish ;-) - If this wish will be granted, I promise to reveal and blog about it ;-)

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