I'm finally breaking my long silence in the blogosphere! Immediate concerns regarding my work and career came so the past days have been loaded with unexpected tasks. Hopefully before Christmas, I could happily say, "Thank God it's mission accomplished."

While most of my American blog friends enjoyed their Halloween celebration, I totally had a different holiday break. I have mentioned to some of my blog friends that Halloween is not one of those highly celebrated events in the Philippines. The most that we have here are Trick or Treat for the kids and a few Halloween parties. Nevertheless, I always look forward for the first two days of November because it meant off from work and more time to spend with my dearest family.

On the last day at work, I had dinner with my friend Anne. That night came as a breather! Thank God I have Anne. A once in a while lavish dinner with the company of a great friend, what more could I ask for? On the next day, I was able to drag my lazy ass from bed and had my regular weekend jogging. In the afternoon, I was able to treat my mother for a movie date. Hooray! I felt so accomplished. Over the next days, I stayed home, read books, slept for as long as I wanted and I was able to complete some of my freelance works. I hope life would always be like this.

On November 1, my family headed to the cemetery to visit my Lola's (grandmother) grave. My Lola and most of my late relatives were laid to rest in the same cemetery, so All Saints Day also meant having happy family reunions.

Before November 1 ended, I was able to treat my family to a sumptuous Chinese take out. Great food spent with the family, priceless happiness! The stress and pressures about work were suddenly gone. How I wish everyday would be like this. Food, family, happiness and love.... this is life!