Whew! I wanted to answer this question by relating in detail a recent experience. But I don't have intentions of providing some squealers and gossipers their dream feast. (Hey, I can see you LOL!) I will instead share some realizations from a not-so-good experience I endured over the past months.

When you have a dream, chase it for yourself. Never wait and expect for other people to help you fulfill that dream.

Though things are gradually getting better for me, I have learn this lesson the hardest and the most complicated way. We all have dreams and most inspirational books I've read always relate that successful people are marked by their capacity to dream. So in one way or another, we could say that each of us have the potential to become successful. However, what often differentiates successful people is their capability to make each day as a path to that dream. Successful people also depend to only one person in fulfilling their dreams. And that person happens to be their own self.

I wish I could always live and abide by those principles of success. Problem is, no theory or principle could ever explain and dictate life and success. Life is meant to be perfectly imperfect. We cannot depict any trend, pattern or formula in achieving our dreams. Each of us will surely have our unique bitter sweet story of success.

If you have a dream, then go forth and chase it! However, fulfilling a dream is not easy as dreaming for it. Expect sleepless nights, sacrifices, tears and all forms of tortures. Oh did I say to prepare for some antagonists camouflaged as angelic protagonists? I have countless experiences with them. I know I sound too pessimistic but this is just the painful reality of life. Life is made of battles that would injure us. Ironically, we still choose to venture in endeavors that will surely hurt us. But at the end of the day, no matter what other people say, it's only us who can say whether we have achieved real success.