Before I answer this question, allow me to relate my own blogging story. I started blogging in 2005. Back then, I was starting to work and pursuing my masteral studies. Those were the days when I am 115 lbs and can survive months of no shopping. ;-) I made my first blog in a defunct social networking site, Friendster. I usually post lyrics of my favorite songs, ranted about my life and expressed the story of my unreciprocated whatever!  (Oooops, do I remember someone?) My everyday internet exposure made me discover other platforms that provide blogging services. I explored and opened accounts from Blogger, Multiply and Livejournal. These efforts were all products of my impulsive curiosity and enthusiasm. In effect, these accounts remain dormant and later fade away.

When I finished my masteral studies, I was determined to recover my expenditures and earn money apart from my regular job. That's when I decided to reactivate my sleeping Blogger account. I wrote again and signed up for Google Adsense. To my biggest surprise, Google told me that my blog was suspected of doing illegal activities. How come? How can a dormant Blogger account be capable of spreading malicious internet activities? Perhaps my account was hacked or spammed. I didn't dare to discover the reasons. I instead shifted to Wordpress to revive my lost interest in blogging. However, I learned that most earning writers use Blogger as their platform. So the prodigal daughter had no choice but to return to Blogger and opened this account.

As I read stories of successful bloggers, I learned a common denominator. Most of them opened a blog to pursue their passion to write. Earning later came as a bonus surprise. My blogging story is evidently a huge contradiction. God perhaps wanted to awaken me so more than earning, He gave me another significant reason to blog. I earned something more than money. I gained blog friends all over the world.

So to all my followers and friends who regularly take time to see my blog, thank you very much. The thought that there are people who devote part of their precious time to read my silly posts already makes me shudder in delight.  If I didn't gain some friends in the blogosphere, I will for sure relate a different blogging story.  But knowing I have friends to share stories is more than enough reason to make me love blogging.