This is another tough topic to write because honestly, there were only counted instances in my life when I was left with great words that marked a great impact in my life.

In my few years of teaching, there were only a few students who took time to personally express their gratitude to me. Though they were only email and text messages, the thought that they took time to sent those short and heart warming words are more than enough to make an impact in my life. My students don't know that I blog but in case they will discover, I would also like to thank them for the positive ratings and nice comments in my teaching performance appraisal. Words of gratitude and appreciation made me feel that I still have self-worth.

In my Basic Education years, I was the typical struggling student. My mother even has to incur additional cost for my Math tutor. When I reached college, I told myself that I would never want another hell of four years. I studied well and for the first time, I started to receive some pat from the back from some professors. One of my professors who believed in my capability is Sir Villa. He was my professor in the deadly subjects of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Mathematical Economics. Pardon some bragging, but it was only in his subject when I received a grade of flat 1.  He even left some encouraging words in my class card. He told me to keep up the good work and vie for honors. Simple words that made me believe that I am capable of excelling.

Back in my senior year in High School, my mother gave me a Palanca letter for my retreat. My mother is not the most affectionate person in the world so the fact that she exerted the effort to write is already overwhelming. In the letter, my mother told me that she appreciates my hard-work and diligence in studying. All the while, I thought that I was only giving her headaches and worries about poor grades. That letter was powerful enough to inspire me to strive more in college.

When I started working, I was under one of the strictest bosses in the company. At first, I thought that I had the typical boss. But when I started gaining friends from other departments, I learned about the notorious image of my boss. She was strict and fears almost no one in the institution. I have no regrets of having her as my first boss. I am in fact thankful because I learned a lot from her and more importantly, I developed the discipline and patience not to become one of those hated and underestimated employees. My first boss also gave me a lot of opportunities. At the age of 21, equipped with less than a year work, I was given my first research presentation. I have to thank her for trusting me because she made me believe that I am capable to speak. She may not have told me, but those opportunities are more than enough to make me believe that I can make things happen.

So after enumerating all those significant experiences, I was moved to one realization. Whenever someone leaves me with sincere words of love, gratitude, trust, appreciation, then that is enough to make me feel great and remind me that I have done something good in my life.