As promised, I will be sharing more pictures of my recent trip or I should say, the unexpected heaven sent opportunity.

After the conference, the management of National Cheng Kung University was gracious enough to give us a city tour of Tainan. We were particularly toured to different historical sites. What I appreciate about Taiwan is their rich history, clean surroundings, and the very accommodating citizens. I braved Taiwan with no single Mandarin word in my dictionary. What I have are printed Chinese characters of my destinations armed with my dwindling confidence, shying bravery and the dream to have my first international presentation. Though most Taiwan nationals do not speak English, they were very accommodating to clueless tourists like me. Each street is likewise equipped with CCTV cameras so you feel safe, secured even with the less police visibility.

Our first stop was the Confucius Temple

Facade of the Confucius Temple
According to our tourist guide, the temple was built in 1665 and it served as a school or as they call it, training ground for intellectuals.
Inside the Confucius Temple
More pictures within the vicinity of the Confucius Temple

This three-storey structure is so unique because each floor has a distinct shape. The first floor is square, second floor is circular and the third is octagon.

Our second stop was the Angping Fort. This site became as a central site of trading between China, Europe, and Japan. History however relates that this originally served as headquarters which aimed to protect Taiwan from foreign invaders.

Can you see those "toys for the big boys"? Here's a closer look on them
 This is my first time to see soooo many Harley Davidsonsssss!

 Our last stop, Fort Provintia!

It was the Dutch who led the establishment of this site in 1653. Today, the open space (as shown in the first picture) becomes a regular venue for night concerts.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I haven't made any Christmas related post yet because I am so occupied with all the office and teaching works I left. When school is over and I have plenty of time with my family, I will share how me and my family celebrate Christmas.

Till my next post :)