I know this is a late post. By this time, I'm sure most of you have already built your own Christmas trees. But just the same, allow me to share some of the most innovative and impressive Christmas trees I encountered

A Christmas tree made of books

Photo from Library & Computing News
 If you have an extensive book collection at home then why not consider this. Empty your book shelves and arrange your books to a tree just for the season.

Who can resist to this?
Photo from Keropok Man
The kid at heart in me shouts for something like this

Why not try a Christmas tree made of ribbons and buttons?
Photo from About . com
I'm sure most of my blog friends into crafts would love the idea of this tree. Your scraps of ribbon and buttons can already be elegantly reused.

 How about old colorful buttons?

Photo from Cute and Sassy Designs
For the shoe addicts, a cupcake stand and a few pairs will do
Photo from Trendy Shoe Shop

Balloons or even the inexpensive Christmas decorative balls can form a tree 
Photo from Celebrate it!
Photo from Groupon Lifestlye
I love this! The color combinations are so feminine and refreshing.

How about an edible Christmas tree?

Photo from Crustabakes

I love M&Ms and potato chips, but in this case I have to think twice. How can I destroy this masterpiece?

Photo from Kitchensity

Go healthy with a fruity tree!

How about with the famous Japanese dish?
Photo from Straight from the Curls

Something sweet perhaps?
Photo from Straight from the Curls
Wow, another masterpiece!

A Christmas tree from the sea?

Photo from Aqua Nerd

Photo from Wonders of the Sea

Yes, it's possible with some great collection and creativity.

A floral tree arrangement from your garden
Photo from 1-800 Flowers

Recycling also works for Christmas trees!

A tree made of bottle corks

Photo from Homedit
  Old telephone directories, books and even newspapers can make small Christmas trees for your sidetables.
Photo from Recyclart

Photo from Recyclart

Blue and green looks so refreshing. Rival Pepsi and Sprite make a great Christmas tree! 
Photo from Olympia Dumpster Drivers

I never imagined that a ladder could serve as a Christmass tree.
Photo from Toe Smile
It really works!
Photo from Groupon Lifestyle

How about a tree where time becomes so plenty? ;-)

Photo from Country Living

This reminds me of Baguio City.

Photo from I'm so Vintage
A Christmas tree on your wall?

Photo from Groupon Lifestyle

I never thought of this too.

Photo from Ego Taco

How about bikes?
Photo from Eco Hook Ups
Hats off to the people who made this.

Another unique idea,
Photo from About . com
A tree made of lobster traps

Photo from Murdocks
Pepermint pebbles

 and this deserves a look

Photo from Home Re-Design

Your quiet throw pillows can turn to a tree

In case you want the traditional tree

Photo from Bothersome Toad
An Irish inspired tree with fairies and leprechauns..something like a fantasy theme

But above all the Christmas trees and other material things that excite us, I hope we don't forget this
Photo from Seaside Sundae