Monday, December 19, 2011

Let's have some food trip at Il Mercanti

One of my constant goals in life is venture to new experiences every year. Something new may include going to places I've never been, trying out new restaurants, saving up to purchase something from a shop I used to dream on, to enriching myself through a new learning opportunity.

This year, I have a few experiences to list in my table of accomplishments. Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to visit Puerto Galera. I tried a few new restaurants such as Cafe Lidia and Pan de Amerikana. But more importantly, my trip to Taiwan serves as my greatest humbled achievement. This post will not serve as another story telling adventure of my first international trip. Though honestly, I am still overwhelmed on the entire experience. I don't however want my dear readers to become annoyed and exhausted over my repeating stories. What I will instead share here is a new and shallow food trip experience.

Last year, I forced two of my friends to join me to experience Banchetto. Banchetto is one of the pioneers in the food night market in the Philippines. This year, I was the one tagged by another group of friends to experience another famous food market in the city. Two of my fierce friends brought me to Il Mercanti!

Il Mercanti was established late this year by partners who have been doing businesses in the food industry. Il Mercanti gathers different food entrepreneurs in the heart of Pasig City from 7 pm to 4 am. As I see it, Il Mercanti targets young professionals and all those food lovers, who are in search for newer and better dining experience in the most reasonable prices.

As compared to other food night markets I've experienced, what I appreciate about Il Mercanti is the larger space, lesser crowd and more seats available for all food enthusiasts.

Enjoy some of my food shots
 Enjoy the classic corn dog and some traditional Filipino street foods on a stick for only Php 15.

I would die for this!!!!! My heaven of sweetness!

Here's what we  feasted
Tara's meal
Sorry I forgot the name of this dish. Sorry, Tara :). 
Tinee's meal
Java rice and fried pork belly (liempo) for Tinee

Monster Burger!
As for me, I had my all time favorite Monster Burger with
Moon Leaf Tea
refreshing Lychee Nata for my drinks
Oreo Cake
and for dessert, my all time favorite and sinful Oreo Cake.

Aside from all the sumptuous food, we were also treated to a fabulous fireworks display
Thank you Tinee and Tara for bringing me to Il Mercanti. :) I enjoyed the first time experience.


  1. wow love!
    looks like you had a blast!
    food looks really yummy ♥

    happy monday!
    Melina ♥

  2. Looks like a terrific time Diane! And that oreo cake! WOW. Have a wonderful pre-Christmas week <3

  3. Wow!!! Gusto ko to. I'm coming home to Manila next week. Where exactly is this? I've been to Banchetto a lot of times already coz I used to work in Ortigas. Pero this one never pa, san to? Kase I l'm from Pasig. :)

  4. That cake vendor looks like the same cake vendor at Midnight El Grande dito sa Rockwell :) May Food Bazaar din dito sa building namin every Wednesdays to Fridays, all of December.

  5. That place looks like sooo much fun. I am starving just looking at that delicious food. Thanks for showing.

    Merry Christmas to you Diane. Hope to visit you a lot at your blog in 2012.


  6. What a happy food trip it was. I'll take a sampling of everything, but maybe the whole dessert table!

  7. i've been wanting to visit these food markets but haven't gotten around to it. your pics make me hungry! merry Christmas, Diane!

  8. Oh, yum! Now you're talking! Those are some very good looking treats! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Diane! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi Diane, What a fun adventure. I too love trying new things. We all need to broaden our horizons. Whenever my grandies say they don't like something I always ask, "Have you tried it lately, because your tastes change." I know, when I was young I hated pizza and blueberry pancakes. Love both of them now. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday! Looking forward to visiting with you in the New Year!

  10. Fat Chicken! it's well worth it. Their stall may look like crap but they're probably one of the best tasting stalls in there


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