December is my favorite time of the year for two reasons, obviously it's because of Christmas and my birthday falls on this month. When I was still doing my 30 day blog challenge, I remember sharing about my sudden desire to take a leave on my birthday. For some unknown reasons, I wanted to spend my birthday away from the city. The problem is I don't have anyone to tag along on that dream vacay and my recent trip to Taiwan left me with tons of works to accomplish. In the end, I chose to spend my day in the city with my few close friends at the workplace.

I arrived at work... LATE! Good thing the boss never really reprimands me of my tardiness. :) I've been blessed with a superior who is more concerned over quality output than any other minor concerns at the workplace. During lunch, we were invited to join another office's Christmas party.  We feasted over some sumptuous Chinese dishes with a videoke machine and the classic Christmas' exchange gift.

On the day of my birthday most offices also had their respective Christmas parties. The mood at the workplace was so festive and everyone seems to be so happy. How I wish everyday would be forever like this. :) No grouchy faces for a day? It's possible!

I ordered boxes of pizza and some dessert as my birthday treat. I invited my close friends and since everyone seems to be so full on that day, I ended up having this dilemma of who will finish my birthday treat. LOL!

Everything seems to fall on the right place on my day, except for an antagonist who kinda ruined my afternoon. After covering up for an office who created a dissatisfied client, the person who holds authority in that office was kind enough not to utter any word of gratitude and leave her unfinished pizza in my face. What a great birthday gift from a gate crasher :) But since it's Christmas, my heart has already forgiven you. I just hope that next year, you will be responsible enough in cleaning up your own mess.

After work, I invited some of my friends for dinner. We ended up at Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee with these
and some cakes which I forgot to take pictures.

Except for the Christmas traffic and an office's inefficiency, everything went well on my day. I realized that despite all the negativities and bad experiences, God has been so great to me this year. I have my family, friends, and an opportunity I never asked for. Thank you Lord for another year of blessings and happiness.