Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? I'm sure everyone is tired yet so happy with the parties, food, gifts and the company of your friends, families and all the special people in your lives. As for me, I attended a couple of Christmas parties at the workplace, had dinner and went malling with one of my best girlfriends, fulfilled some things in my mother's wish list and spent Christmas day with my maternal relatives in the province.

In this post, allow me to share some of the Pre-Christmas activities I attended.

I work for a Catholic college so Christmas is one event we really look forward. A number of activities for both the students and employees are regularly conducted. For the students, an annual Christmas feast is organized where some famous local bands perform.
Can we have these Christmas lanterns forever? ;-) Lower picture shows me (from right) with my constant lunch mates during the Annual Christmas Feast

As for us employees, we had our annual themed Christmas party. For this year, we were expected to dress in Spanish inspired costumes. When I googled images of Spain's national costume, I was given these
Photo Source here
Photo Source here
My initial reaction, No way! I'm a proud member of the female populace but it's not in my personality to wear layered peticoat skirt, huge ruffled sleeves, black veil, flowers on my head, and dangling earrings. Purchasing or even renting this kind of outfit is likewise not in my vocabulary. I thought of an alternative costume so I came up with this
Me as the goalkeeper ;-) I am the member in the darkest jersey
Since we were only told to wear Spanish inspired costume, I thought of wearing the jersey of Spain's National Football Team. I bought a pair of jersey, which I believe is more useful and practical because I can use it for my weekend jogging. As it turns out, some of my colleagues also had the same idea. We were even nominated for best costume.

The best part of working in a Catholic school is we are given a two-week Christmas vacay. So before we parted ways, here's a group shot with my few friends

A few days before Christmas, my family was invited to the 18th birthday of my cousin. Birthday celebrations bring in mini-reunions and a few good times with my relatives
As I am writing this post, I am savoring my once a year long vacation. I usually spend my day reading books, watching movies, playing games in my pad and wishing that life will be forever like this. :-D