Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finding strength in my weakness

I wasn't doing fine over the past days. I was having some occasional depression or maybe sadness attacks lately. The usual self-treatment I impose are shopping and pampering. I buy a new book, treat myself for a hair spa, or purchase anything that can make me happy. But lately, I felt that my depression attacks can't be healed by any of my regular regimen.

Whenever my strength is tested, I usually avoid being alone. I once tried to handle things on my own and I ended up worst. I felt that I will soon lose the last strand of my sanity. When I finally admitted that my self-proclaimed bravery wasn't enough, that's when I sought help from my trusted girlfriends.  For those who know me well, you are more or less familiar that I don't have that plenty of friends.

Over the past weeks, my few girlfriends were responsible for uplifting me. Last Friday, I had dinner with Lani, my MBA classmate turned friend. When I was completing my MBA, I gained a family of friends. We had our own memorable escapades out of town. I later realized that not all of them are "for keeps." After our academic years, most of them were gone and only Lani remained. Thank God I had Lani that time. If I didn't meet Lani, I might went on a shopping splurge again and went home with my usual cry cry crayola moments.

When I became an educator, I tried my best to gain the trusted and respected image from my students. I want them to remember me as the teacher who imparts learning, not using the classic terrorizing approach. I wanted them to see me as a friend that still gains the respect of a teacher.

Being friends with my students was never part of my plans. Some unexpected circumstance though made me become friends with one of my former students. Last Monday, I had dinner with Dina, one of my honest and hardworking students. We found ourselves sharing work life sentiments over a great dinner. Though time wasn't enough for us, I was happy because I know I am blessed with another friend.

Before the Holy Week break, another girlfriend who resides abroad emailed to tell me that she is in town. Wow! God has been giving me a treat. He knows how to make me happy. Lea and I meet up and we made a lot of catching up stories. We recalled some untold college stories, which made us laugh of our shallow and silly mistakes.

In the end, I realized that despite all the problems and issues I have with my life, I AM STILL BLESSED. Yes I have counted friends, but such is not a weakness. They are in fact a source of my strength.


  1. It's great how even in thriving moments of our lives, we take time to recognize how truly awesome He is, how He perfectly knows everything we are going through and just what to do about it. Ooops, I hope I don't sound too church-y, just in always in awe of His greatness! Hope you are feeling way better now, Dianne :)

  2. Oh D I will have to say a lil prayer for you,I too suffer from depression (which totally explains my absence from blogging and commenting awhile back.) So I do understand I have found my faith gets me through and reading. So glad you are feeling better and that you had a friend there to boost your happy factor. Be well my friend.

  3. Depression can be so difficult to over come. You are wise to recognize it and know when you need to get out there and get some encouragement from your friends. I am a shopper too when I am feeling low so I have to stay away from the stores when I am down. Hope you have a blessed Easter season Diane.

  4. it is really good to let it all out instead of keeping things inside yourself... ^_^ God bless po.

  5. i guess it's normal to feel the blues once in a while. it makes us realize we're human. i hope that it's just like a cold that would go away soon. in the meantime, take off your shoes and dance and sing this song with me:

  6. It's better to have a few trusted friends who could be there for you on your darkest moments than to have plenty who are only there when everything's alright.

  7. Aaaww... I hope you're feeling better now Diane. We really should meet up one of these days habang naka-summer vacation ka. Will email you soon!


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