Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Recipe: My first attempt!

Living in a country where most are Catholics, everyone looks forward to the Holy Week as it means having the most awaited days off from work. Most of my fellowmen take advantage of this week to go out of town or visit other countries. In my case, I grew up in a family who chose to have quality time at home. When my paternal grandmother was still alive, we have our annual family reunion. We feast to healthy local delicacies that my grandma prepares for us. How I wish our family could revive this tradition in a better place. Having family reunions to a rest house in Tagaytay or even in Antipolo will do.

Since I will be staying home for the entire week, I make it a point to ask my mother to prepare some of my favorite local dishes. I would spare additional budget for us to share a sumptuous meal. Moments like this really make me feel how special and blessed I am with my family.

In our home, food is one thing that makes us happy. However, both my parents failed to pass the cooking tradition to their only daughter, who happens to currently write this post. :) While my mother prepares the food, I am the lazy pig who waits to be served with a great meal.

A number of my blog friends are mothers who regularly share their own delectable recipes. As much as I want to do my own recipe post, I can't. How can I share something that I don't possess? But today, I'll try to break that barrier. Haha! I will be sharing one of my family's favorite meal... our own NACHOS recipe

I know the Nachos doesn't even qualify as a decent recipe. But for a start, allow me to share the least dish I know how to prepare.

In my family, this is the Nacho recipe we prefer
Don't forget to wash or boil the cabbage. 

Ground Pork
You can choose from either pork or beef. While beef is tastier, it is a bit expensive than pork. If you are on a tight budget, then pork can work too.

Step 1. Saute the pork with the usual spices such as onion and garlic. Pour tomato or spaghetti sauce later to add flavor. If either is not available, you can use sweet flavored catsup as the last resort substitute.

Step 2. Slice the cabbage to strips. 

 Step 3. Prepare the nacho chips
Nacho Chips

Step 4. Mix the ground meat and sliced cabbage
And voila! Our homemade Nacho recipe! :)
Please disregard the misplaced "white" French Onion Dip :)
While most Nachos sold in restaurants are filled with other ingredients such as tomato slices, black beans, bacon, spinach, pickles, mayonnaise and cheese, we prefer ours to be as simple as this. One advantage of our nachos is the fact that it's homemade and I believe it's relatively nutritious .

How about you? How do you prefer to have your Nachos? Do you have other unique yet healthy recipes? (Oh my! Am I turning to a food and cook blogger?)


  1. I think that's a wonderful start, Diane! Your nacho dish looks delicious! I do make quite a few Mexican food dishes -- a layered enchilada dish (I cook this in the crockpot), a nacho dish that has everything on it & all goes into the oven to melt the cheese & get everything nice & hot, & our daughter makes the best homemade salsa. The thing is, we have so many Mexican restaurants around here, it's a bit more tempting to go out! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebration & enjoy your time off.

    You would be most welcome to come stay in my guest! Thank you for your sweet comment.

  2. Hi Diane,

    I haven't tried any Nachos dishes before - yours looks simple to make. I love quick recipes :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you and your family have a peaceful Easter holiday.
    best wishes, Duni

  3. It look so delicious!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. Basta marunong ka mag-gisa, okay na yon. You'll learn to cook other dishes eventually. :)

  5. What an different kind of nacho Diane. I think they look rather tasty. I love Nachos any way I can have them. I especially love guacamole. Hey though, I make a pretty mean Crab Nacho that my family and friends love. I must share it sometime. Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. You're making me really hungry. These look wonderful and I'm sure they tasted great. I love nachos...they can be a meal all by themselves. I love piling them high with guacamole, beans, cheese, and then toping them off with sour cream. I probably put on five pounds just thinking about them.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.

  7. What a coincidence! I planned to prepare nachos during the holidays too unfortunately, we ate up the chips even before I was able to make the dip. Tinamad kasi hehe.

    I use tomato paste and diced bellpeppers for the dip. You could try this if you want strong flavors =)

  8. Gusto ko yung comment ni AC above!!! "Basta marunong ka mag-gisa, okay na yon" --> YEESSSS!!! buhay ka na nyan :)


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