I'm still savoring the rare week long holiday we experience in observance of the Holy Week. During Good Friday, my family has this tradition of visiting my maternal relatives in the province. We just arrived home, tired, sleepy yet happy of what we had today.  I was able to see my cousins, nephews and nieces who never failed to make me smile.

Aside from the great company of my family, food is one of the many things that complete us. As we shared some delectable sea foods, my mother never forgets to provide our needed vegetable intake. Most of the younger members of my family are meat lovers. Though meat is tastier and we know that our body needs vegetables, we still couldn't get enough of meat dishes. Making everyone eat and appreciate vegetables may not be that difficult with the right imagination and creativity. The rise of cooking shows and some food bloggers made me discover some creative and "deceiving" vegetable recipes. Eating vegetables may not appear as a supreme sacrifice with recipes that make vegetables as delectable with that of meat dishes.

One vegetable recipe that I learned to love is the Kang Kong Chips. Kang Kong is the Filipino term for Water Spinach or Swamp Cabbage. Kang Kong usually thrives in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines.
Photo from Wikipedia
Kang Kong is used as an ingredient in most Filipino dishes. Instead of using it as a mere ingredient, I told my mother to make it as an appetizer. I've read a number of food bloggers turned the Kang Kong leaves as chips.

Making Kang Kong chips is easy. All you need are the following
Cooking oil
Beaten eggs
Corn starch
Salt and pepper to taste

How to cook?

1. Clean the Kang Kong leaves.
2. Combine the beaten eggs and corn starch. Depending on your taste, you can add salt and pepper.
3. Dip the Kang Kong leaves to to the mixture.
4. Deep fry the coated Kang Kong leaves.

You have your Kang Kong chips
Kang Kong Chips
The only thing that makes the Kang Kong Chips unhealthy is the excessive oil brought about by the fact that it's deep fried.

There you have it! To my few and valued readers, don't worry I'm far from turning to a cooking blog :) .