Easter Sunday is about to end in our time zone. Before I finally call it a day, I wanted to make my own Easter post too. I woke up early to attend the first Easter Sunday mass. I have been attending Easter masses that starts during the dawn with my mother ever since I was a kid. Though I lack sleep, I was happy because I realized that I have been so blessed with my mother. After the mass, I treated my family to a breakfast take out. Everyone at home was happy with our Easter breakfast.

In the afternoon, I treated my mother to a movie date. We enjoyed the movie and shared over an afternoon snack in a restaurant. I was already happy and contented when I  received some text messages from my cousins. I visited them and we feasted over our favorite pizza and milk tea. We shared stories and our plans for our upcoming family reunion.

Despite the numerous concerns in my list, I realized that I can still be happy. Life may not be as perfect the way I wanted it to be. However, some perfect little moments are enough to make me feel blessed, happy and grateful.

A Blessed Easter to everyone!