Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Ever Meet Up!

I wouldn't let this day pass without writing this post.

Some weeks ago, Janelle emailed me for a possible meet up with Kelley. It took me days to notice and respond to her email. After exchanging a series of text messages, our dream meet up came to reality.

As I was getting ready to go out, I was tested because it started to rain. But I was more determined to meet my blog friends, so no ever weather interruption was enough to prevent me. This was the first time I ever met any of my blog friends. I had no regrets because I met two of the most equally beautiful persons in my life. Kelley enabled us to share and discover ourselves better. I learned a lot from her and a blog post may not be enough to share everything. Janelle is so pretty and energetic. There was never a dull moment with her. She shared some of her experiences which made me admire her more as a person, daughter, mother and wife.

Before we parted ways, Kelley showered us with gifts


Your cake was a hit at home Kelley ! We finished it in less than an hour. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

Thank you Janelle and Kelley


  1. What a fun day....meeting bloggy friends :D

  2. Aaaawww... thanks! :) I had so much fun kahapon din. So much fun that I forgot na I left my umbrella sa Coffee Bean. Di ba naglakad lang ako pauwi? I was halfway home nung naalala ko at nag-dalawang isip ako kung babalikan ko... pero since tag-ulan na at kailangan ng payong, I walked back. And walked home ulit. Quota na ako sa exercise for a week ;) Hope to do this again!

  3. ACK! I'm composing my blog post about our spectacularly fun "coffee break" at CBTL when lo, and behold! I discover this post.

    *tears* *in* *eyes*

    Diane, it was such a pleasure meeting you, honey. (You'll have to get used to me. I'm old enough to be your mother, and anyone to whom I'm old enough to be their mother, I call them honey. A LOT! My term of endearment and manner of endearing myself to you, DAUGHTER!) I don't know if one such beautiful young lady as yourself can stand to have more than one {already perfectly fine} mother.

    Regards to her, by the way!

    And once again, I digress...

    Sorry, Janelle, but I had to chuckle about the umbrella being left and the exercise... I have a feeling you slept very well.

    But ladies, did we get out our 30,000 words? Perhaps Janelle did, but I think not Diane. *wink*

    In conclusion, Janelle what a pleasure to finally meet you, too. Diane and I would never have met, I doubt, if it weren't for you. I love you for taking charge and organizing our blogdezvous... Ooo! I've coined a new blog term! It was so much fun! We really must get some more bloggers in our area, eh, gals? I don't know, though. Do you think Manila can handle more than the three of us?

    *wink* Praying for you girls!

    Kelley of Kelley Highway

  4. That is fantastic, Diane. I've only been involved in one "bloggy meet-up," but thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Your Insta-Gram photos are great. I haven't yet started to use mine.

  5. Wow! Kainggit naman to... :) It must be a very gratifying experience.


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