Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I'm loving now

Those who know me well can attest how much I adored flats
The black pair is from Kamiseta (which I blogged about here) and the remaining pairs are recent acquisitions from SM. The new pairs are so cheap. It costed me only Php 399.75 (around $10) for both pairs. If you are interested with these cute flats, rush to your nearest branch of SM or better yet, head over Tara's blog, who made a better post about these hottest and cheapest find.

Reading these books

I bought a paperback copy of this book from Book Sale for only Php 80. I think I acquired the book since last year and it's only now that I'm reading it. Honestly, I'm not liking the book that much and I read a number of negative reviews. Hopefully, I won't end up regretting this read. But regardless, I always enjoy reading while riding the train or any public transportation on the way to work. Anyone who already read the book? I would love to hear your reviews.

Aside from my paperback read, I'm starting to venture in e-books. Jennifer's Smith's The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is my first e-book. As soon as I arrive home, I held on to my iPad for another reading session.

A Surprise visit that came with a gift
One of my former students dropped by the office yesterday. Happiness! We chatted for a while and she left us with box of my favorite sugar glazed Krispy Kreme. More than the sweet goodies, I always feel happy whenever my former students visit and still remember me.

Mission Accomplished
A report that was accomplished and disseminated on time is one of my trusted confidence boosters. I've been having occassional self-pity issues at work over the past months. However, whenever I'm given the chance to accomplish something, everything seems to fall in the right place again.

Freelance Works are coming
Finally! I've been praying for some freelance research jobs these days. Another work to be accomplished makes me feel that people still trust my abilities. It makes me feel that I have self-worth. The job is quite new to me but hopefully, I will comply with my clients' requirement and I'll be able to learn something new again.

How about you? What are some little things that made you happy over the past days?


  1. YAY!!! for all the amazing things you love and are working on right now! :)

    What's made me happy?
    Talking to friends
    Driving!! :D
    Making summer plans! :) YAY!

  2. Dianne, natawa ako dun sa shoes... I thought they all came from the same brand because they all look similar :) Ginagawa ko din yan minsan, if I really like something, I buy it in different colors. Same thing applies to t-shirts :)

  3. Flats are God's gift to women's feet. Haha! I love them too. Anung brand nito, Dianne? Para madali ko mahanap sa Megamall. :)

  4. I already doenloaded that ebook. Sana di ako tamarin hahaha. Thanks! And nice shoes you got there!

  5. Yun oh! Sige sabay tyo magpaka hopeless romantic hahaha Baka mauna ka pa sa aking matapos yung book. Nakakatulugan ko din kasi.

  6. Ganda ng mga shoes : ) wala akong binabasa ngayon tamad pa hehehe, pero natetempt na din ako magbasa. : )

  7. i love flats too. when i was in pinas, i bot 3 in sm pero dapat pala i bot more as it cost here 600 pesos up.

    have a good week, diane.

  8. Your flats are so cute! I really like them, but they don't like me. I have a very high arch, so the flats really hurt my tootsies.

    I can't remember the last time I had Krisy Kreme donuts, but they are sooooo good. I remember that they almost melt in your mouth. What a nice gift & surprise.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting on the Gibraltar tour. There will be more to come!

  9. Those flats are adorable. I can't believe the size of the heels I used to wear years ago when I worked in the corporate world. I'd probably break my neck trying to walk in them now. The Krispy Kremes look good enough to reach in and grab.
    I'm so happy to hear that you're finally getting some freelance work. Of course they trust in your abilities and you deserve everything you've worked so hard for!!

  10. This is a great Happy List! :D I love Krispy Kreme donuts, too!!! There is one no two miles from our home. Keep me posted about your e-book!



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