My friends will surely disown me after reading this post.  But right now, the hopeless romantic in me is dying in the heaven of cheesiness.  The one to blame for my hormonal imbalance is the shallow drama series, My Princess.


And LET ME EMPHASIZE, I’m referring to the Korean series that stars my ultimate Asian girl crush,  Kim Tae Hee.

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Some of my Filipino friends might have mistaken my addiction to the local soap opera filmed in Bhutan. Oh please, I’m way too old for that.

The series was aired in a local channel last year but I managed to watch only a few episodes, which I never even understood. Either the air time of the series was in the afternoon or before the late night news, I can’t remember. I think I also saw the teaser once and my attention was caught because of Kim Tae Hee. Back then, my mind was perhaps too preoccupied to accommodate another addiction. When a friend however shared how her own hopeless romantic sentiments sparked up after watching My Princess, it felt contagious so here I am getting infected and plagued by my own cheesiness.

As much as I wanted to purchase a DVD compilation, my DVD player at home finally laid to rest and my underground source of drama series was relocated somewhere out there. :D Last resort, I patiently watched the fragmented clips in the deep archives of You Tube. (UPDATE: A male, of all people, and MARRIED LOL colleauge came over to give me a complete copy of the series, hooray!)

Before I start my current freelance works, a fast internet connection, my struggling netbook and You Tube became my regular weeknights to dawn companions. I would be up until 2 am patiently searching for the episodes in clips.

And among the many episodes I patiently waited to load, this one triggered my hopeless romantic and cheesiness hormones.

Dear God,

If you will give me my own Mr. P., 
I can let go of those clients who broke my heart and left me with a screaming empty wallet.
Do we have a deal? :D

Sincerely begging and kneeling before you,
Diane :D

Okay friends, I’m ready. Disown me until the cheesiness in my blood subsides.