Someone wants to break up with me
My antique Nokia E63 is seriously demanding for a break up. It's wifi connection is no longer functioning. The internet browser takes tons of time to load. Some messages in my inbox are suddenly disappearing. Though its against the will of my screaming empty wallet, I purchased a new battery to resuscitate its last breath. The investment was a successful life saving device though.

As much as I wanted to give your much deserved rest, I can't because a number of my clients seemed to forget their responsibility over me. Please...kneeling before you, don't give up on me. I believe we can still patch up and make things work. In the mean time, allow me to recall our best times. Perhaps, this can serve as my mini tribute for you as well.

My best memories with my Nokia E63

1. You're the most expensive phone I bought in my entire lifetime. I accepted a lot of freelance works and skipped some meals just for us to become together.
2. We have been together for 3 and a half years. You see, I'm a very loyal and committed partner. I never owned any other phone apart from you.
3. Three years? This is the longest steady relationship I had.... with a phone :)
4. We were together in those significant events in my life. My MBA graduation, when I broke a number of  virginity records :) with my firsts (trekking experience, international research presentation, trips to Hong Kong, Macau and Boracay) birthdays that crossed me from my early to mid 20s, and a number of freelance works were made possible because of you.

As I was stuck in traffic yesterday, I decided to clean you up and to my surprise I have been keeping 500++ messages. To my stupidity, I deleted some special messages and I was left with unnecessary messages from work. But I was able to salvage messages that are still worth keeping or I guess just enough to lighten up my day.

The FM 2009 folder is where I keep the messages from my Financial Management Batch 2009 students. This contain words of gratitude and appreciation I rarely receive these days. When my hometown was hit by the typhoon Ondoy, a number of my students surprisingly showed their concern and worry for me and my family. After 2009 though, I decided not to give away my number to my students. As much as I wanted to help my college kids, I also wanted to have peace of mind especially in those hours when all I wanted was a decent and uninterrupted sleep.

Ate Vanjie is a family friend who gave me useful tips to survive my days in Taiwan. My first trip abroad is actually in Taiwan. If not because of a humble research presentation, I would also not experience the thrill and adventure of traveling in a foreign land ALONE. In case Ate Vanjie is reading this, I'd like to express my huge gratitude again.

I was actually expecting one of my godparents, who works as a nurse in Taipei, to help me reach my destination in Taiwan. Unfortunately, my family later learned that I was mistakenly perceived as a godchild who wanted to take advantage of free accommodation. My mother never uttered her sentiments, but I believe she was sad and disappointed. Ummm, pardon some bragging but I was actually booked for a number of nights at Far Eastern Shangri-La Hotel. I even received a suite upgrade, which made me realize that someone out there wanted to compensate me for some intentional or unintentional mistake.

Typographical error brought about by the sender's excitement, it should be "guess" instead of "guest"  This message came from my ever supportive and understanding big boss. He helped and exhausted all means of assistance for my dream presentation. I still remember the day before my flight, everyone in the workplace was in a festive mood. It was the annual employees' awards and everyone enjoyed the night away. I went ahead without bidding goodbye to him. I believe he left late, but he took effort early in the morning to send me some words of support.

I mentioned before that I'm not a fan of forwarded messages. I would rather appreciate self-composed and sincere messages. I only appreciate forwarded messages  if it's powerful enough to inspire or cheer me up in the middle of a sad and tiring day.

This message came so timely as I was getting sentimental over a shallow romantic comedy film. I suddenly found words to defend my immature and occasional hopeless romantic attacks.

The text messages I hated to death. If you want to annoy me, send me this kind of message everyday.

I know this is stupid and shallow but I remember receiving this message in the middle of my sleep. As I was savoring a rare opportunity of getting 8 hours of sleep, I woke up annoyed with another forwarded message. To my surprise though, I was later laughing from a non-sense and naughty joke.

Only my Filipino blog friends could understand the first word in this message. To my foreign blog friends, please don't bother to search for the translation. But I believe, this is one of the most real and sincerest new year wishes I've ever received. LOL

Reading this message again made me realize that it's not after all bad to be stuck in traffic. You get to reminisce the past happy days by cleaning up your inbox.  But seriously, I'm making this appeal to my beloved E63. I admit I have my shortcomings too. I hide you whenever I'm surrounded with those iPhone and Blackberry units. I shut you down whenever I had a bad day and all I wanted was silence. But you were always with me in those turning points of my life. We've been together for so long. Would you just throw away those 3 years?

Please don't give up on me baby....