To tell you honestly, I feel lazy and grouchy as I'm typing this post. I almost wanted to insert in my previous post that I'M TAKING A BREAK FROM MY BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY SERIES. But since I committed myself to the weekly challenge, I just can't say NO. The only thing I wanted to do is to stay in bed, read books and pamper myself with all those sleeping hours. Perhaps, it must be the rainy weather that has been causing my mood swings. Ironically, I love the rainy days... only if I'm at home. The cold temperature encourages me to become more lazy and lousy. Sigh...

Anyway, in attempt to find beauty amidst my shallow complaints, here are some things that kept me happy over the past days.

Double Bs! Books to read and Bills to pay... It's my first time to teach Macroeconomics. It's not that I'm having a hard time with the subject. The feeling is closer to disappointment about my past lectures. I just feel that I was not able to give my best in class this week. (Sorry kids) However, this pushes me to strive more. I used to teach Business Plan Writing and Research. But since there has been a shortage of professors for this subject, my direct supervisor in teaching gave me this assignment. Despite of everything, I still love my part time teaching stint and I'm looking forward on what I could share more to my restless college kids.

Bills to pay... Whoever loves this bitter part of life? I always believe that I will remain to be very kid at heart. But life will always make a way to make me realize that I should rather be a responsible grown up. The bills to pay is one living testament to this reminder. Hopefully, everything will turn out well. As soon as I finish my freelance works, I can breathe and see life as a kid again.

Books! Books! Books! When I purchased my iPad a year ago, it was intended for my first ever international endeavor. After that event, I used it as a substitute for my netbook. It served me well during my classes since it's lighter and more convenient to carry. I never realized the potential of my iPad to become my newest library. My former students have been sending me sources and links of where to download the best e-books. Though I still love the feel and smell of a printed paperback, the iPad has been giving me an elevated reading experience. If I purchased all of these books, I would surely be swiping my deadly plastic card again. E-books contribute in my objective of developing worthwhile and financially friendly hobbies. More importantly, I'm not burdened of looking for a decent space to house my growing book collections.

Despite of everything, I believe that life will be better and happier on the next week.