The blessings and happiness are overflowing!

In the middle of a busy workday, I found this lovely package on my table
The package came all the way from South Africa, a country which I hope to visit when I'm already a millionaire. Haha For those who have been reading my blog, you might have encountered my Christmas in July post. I participated in a party that enabled bloggers to meet and send gifts to a fellow blogger. Natasha and I were paired to exchange gifts. Natasha's present arrived while mine is still en route to South Africa. Hopefully, it doesn't get lost in transit. 

Natasha's gift was handmade which I really appreciate. This is something I wanted to purchase for the longest time. 
 An pouch intended for my

Natasha mentioned in her email that she only referred to size and dimensions provided by the Internet. She was worried that my most cherished gadget will not fit. Well, look at this now Natasha. Worry no more, it's a match made in heaven.

Pouches for electronic gadgets should provide adequate support and protection. This is something I really consider in looking for a case. The case should be thick enough to protect the iPad. However one of the trade offs rendered by this security feature is the fact that the pouch becomes thicker and heavier. Such problem was addressed by the magical touch of Natasha.
The pouch has the enough cushion attached as quilts to make it more feminine. :D You did a great job my friend.

Aside from my most awaited pouch, Natasha also gifted me with postcards from her dear country.
Though the internet provides us the easiest means to search and download pictures of other countries, I still appreciate receiving the classic postcards.

The happiness still continues because Natasha was gracious enough to make me this
I could not ask for more! The necklace is so me. It came in my favorite color blue. All the gifts were perfect. The happiness is just overflowing.

Thank you Natasha!

And for my dear readers, please share your love to Natasha. Please visit her blog and Etsy shop.

Happy Weekend!