Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogger Bug?

Try typing your blog address and replace ".com" with ".hk"

Did the link connect to your blog?

Mine proceeded to my actual blog page. However, I can't understand was how the word "hk" became attached to my blog. Can anyone explain this?


I tried typing the url of some of my blog friends and the same thing transpired. Blogs who are still using the blogspot domain are affected by this.

Should I get my own domain name to address this issue? I'm honestly frightened and worried.


  1. yeah ..this is going on but dunno what is this exactly.

    1. me too... hopefully someone can explain... worst is that google doesn't have customer feedback.. we have to rely to the online forum

      hopefully, this is not something too serious

  2. This happened to me as well very recently, only I didn't type it that way. It's shadowy in the ol' cranium right now (... at 12:46 a.m.), but it seems that someone used one of my images for something, and when my blog address showed, it had .ca or .uk, etc. on the end. I even pondered this aloud to my husband. He had no answer, of course.

    I know! Weird! But perhaps there's no need to be worried. At least I hope there's not!

    1. Not really to cause you some panic attacks but I tried it in your page too Kelley

      It connects to an exact page as your blog.

      But when you mentioned it happened to you as well, I felt quite relieved. Perhaps, its "normal?" for all users. But it shouldn't be...

  3. Replies
    1. nope Jen... try it in your blog too

      i swear it will connect to your blog

  4. It's fine. Im in Indonesia now but all your blogs (blogspot) end at .sg.. So dont worry.

  5. HI Diane! Spooky! I typed in the hk like you said and my blog popped right up. I hope you can find out what this is all about!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I don't think its a big deal? You could always write them in and see!
    Oh and I am having issues with my google account, had to follow you through my twitter account via google... who knew you could even do that?! I didn't!

  7. Not sure what this is all about. Need to check it out. Thanks for the heads up Diane.

  8. maybe it'll go back soon?
    I don't want to try it though :))

  9. Had issues with them all week blogger totally changed my blog layout and I can't get it to go back I be tried everything my 1st thought was leave it these things usually fi themselves but nothing so far ugh!blogger just seemd to always have issues :(


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