The past week has been so good to me. My week started with an unusual fast moving Monday traffic. Lesser traffic means hassle and stress free travel time. Hopefully, this will continue for the rest of the week.

After Emily Giffin, I'm reading another book from my new found favorite author, Jane Green. Here's my current commuting companion
The Beach House by Jane Green
The book deals with relationships but diverts from the typical love stories of chick lits. I'm enjoying the story and blog my review soon.

I by the way purchased my copy from my favorite bargain bookstore, Book Sale. A proof that happy reading doesn't need to be expensive.

Since, I'm talking about spending, I have a confession to make. My shopaholic hormones attacked me so yesterday, I was able to score another pair of flats
Shoes from J. Fussy
My feet and lousy iPad camera don't do justice with this beautiful pair. It comes in my favorite blue but I realized that my feet doesn't complement the darker shade.

I scored this ballerina flats 10 percent off its original price. There were more beautiful and expensive pairs in the mall but I managed to strictly comply with my budget. I was not tempted to purchase another expensive pair with my evil plastic rectangular device. Clap! Clap!

Who doesn't love good food? This California Maki from Tokyo Tokyo is my current favorite. After a tiring day from work, I drop by the nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch in our area. I savored my most awaited Japanese takeout before I finally doze off.

How could I forget the recent blessings I've been receiving

If I didn't allow myself to regain my interest in blogging, I would not have the opportunity to own these blessings. 

The past week will be memorable because I started my dream of building a career in online writing. My greatest dream is to become successful in this field for many reasons. It is in writing where my heart turly belongs. Writing is my first love. I would be the happiest if I have the career the makes my heart happy. Another reason why I wanted this career apart from my day job is the need to save up for my future. I wanted to assure myself that I'll be financially ready as I age. Lastly, I have the dream of sharing this opportunity to my students and fellow blog friends. However, as the Full Cup Theory says, you cannot share what you don't have in the first place. I wanted to become a living testament before I share this promising opportunity.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!