I'm not sure if you have seen this icon on the lower part of my sidebar

I'm participating in an early Christmas gift giving sponsored by fellow bloggers Alyx, Cecilia and Daryl. The three ladies assigned us with our respective partners to which we will be sending our surprise gifts.

I was expecting to receive the name of my partner anytime within the month of June. However, the entire month passed and I never received any notice from the party sponsors. I had speculations of my name being deleted from their list. Good thing, my partner made the initiative to reach me. We made all the arrangements and so to make the long story short, I'll be sending my gift anytime within the week.

Here's my gift teaser ;-)
gift does not include my iPad :D

I'll be revealing my partner and my new found blog friend when she finally receives my present :) Hopefully, she would love my humble gift.

P.S. I know Christmas is still months away but I would love to participate in parties like this. If any of my blog friends would like to host something like this, count me as a supportive member!

The happiness I receive in making another person happy is one of the simplest yet priceless things I really treasure these days.