I'm making this post early Sunday morning. This is quite unusual for me because my weekend routine starts by spoiling myself of excessive sleeping hours. I rarely receive eight hours of sleep during the work week so I compensate myself on these two short days. When someone forces me to get up early on weekends, I declare World War III then :D After which, it will take a lifetime for us to get along well again :D

This weekend was different though. I woke up early ON MY OWN. History of histories, I had the courage to leave bed so early. To which I realized, I don't feel bad after all. Perhaps, if I'll do this over the next weekends somethings will change. I'll be able to accomplish more things and my outlook for the day will change. Perhaps the positive vibes can extend to the entire work week.  Let's see how this will work for me.

Talking about positive outlook and vibes, the past days have not been so good for me. Something really upset me at work. A few days later, I found myself feeling melancholy.... Sadness has been plaguing me but in God's grace, I would like to believe that I'm able to battle everything. As they say, everyone needs to be stronger than their own life's monsters. As for me, the sadness, anxieties and all those worries form the monsters that have been testing and making me stronger over the past years.

Anyway, in times like this I'd rather focus my attention to things that can motivate and inspire me. I found some quotes that captured my spirits that has been hungry for upliftment




That's it for my 10th Beautiful Sunday post. Hopefully things will better on the next days. It's your turn to share now.