Hello August! The major phase of our critical project starts this month. I feel so restless and worried. As always, everything is translated to my skin and worst, my unconscious behavior. I've been getting bad dreams lately. Despite having enough sleep, I wake up feeling exhausted and to some extent, irritated. I try to think that this happens because I'm away from my support system. I haven't seen my friends. It's been a while since I had a session with a good listener. It has all been me and my never ending food cravings. 

We are currently in lockdown or stricter quarantine restrictions. In effect, I'm 100% work-from-home for two weeks. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work and earn from home. I also appreciate that I don't have to wake up at 5 am and take those expensive Grab rides. But coordination is becoming challenging. I also feel more complacent when everything is done onsite for a critical project. 

Meanwhile, some beautiful things lately

These Dior items - Thank you Angela's Box for these treats. These are probably the only Dior products I can afford.

My favorite homemade cookies from Kookie Ph

Vanav UP6 - Those who have watched Crash Landing on You (CLOY) might remember this device. I didn't know anything about Vanav before CLOY. Reading all the articles and learning the brand sponsorships made me discover this multi-functional beauty device. It can be used to clean, moisturize and lift skin. I'm trying this soon and will share a review. 

Though impossible, I hope the device can address my fattening cheeks and chin area. 

My first time to see and feel a SMEG in person. I now understand its price. Though to be honest, it wasn't as expensive as I was expecting. 

Other things that made the past week

1. I found a better way to transfer Paypal funds to cash. Thank you G Cash for providing this faster and cheaper way to withdraw my Paypal funds to my local currency. I don't anymore need to open an account from Union Bank or spend processing fee to have it deposited in my local bank.

2. Online Grocery Shopping - I'm a convert. The threat of the delta variant discouraged me to visit the supermarket. I tried both SM Supermarket and Landers online. I will write a separate review but between the two, I was more impressed with the services of SM Supermarket. 

3. My knees are getting better - I'm not totally healed yet but the swelled and painful joints are gone. I almost went to the doctor to have it checked. But things got better last week. I need to lose weight and return to the prescribed exercise I skipped since April.

4. The Philippines' first gold in the Olympics and other athletes who made their presence felt.  I feel so proud that a FEMALE, brought home the first Olympics GOLD medal. 

5. Penthouse Season 3 - Blame my friend Rose for introducing me this "stressful" Korean drama :p I love the last episode because my favorite characters are finally getting their revenge. :p