When looking for real estate, location is always important. When you are looking at Wilmington, NC Homes for Sale, for instance, we will want to know just what Wilmington has to offer compared to other parts of North Carolina, as well as its best places. Then, we can start the process of finding a good real estate agent when it comes to making up our mind on location. We will want to get down to detail and think about the type of housing that will suit our needs and the needs of our family.

How Does Wilmington Compare to Other Places in North Carolina?

Located in New Hanover County, Wilmington is considered one of the best places to live in North Carolina. This is good news for those looking for real estate in this part of North Carolina or at least considering it. The area has plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks for residents to enjoy. In terms of education, the public schools here are rated highly by those who know them best. You need to think of your whole family when moving somewhere, so education facilities will be important.

Best Places to Live in Wilmington, NC

If you are wondering which places you should specifically consider in Wilmington, NC, then you should think about Bayshore, Harbor Oaks, Ogden, Surf City, and Sea Breeze. Your real estate agent can advise you on this because they have the local knowledge you require. 

If you are looking for a quiet vibe, then you will want to add Bayshore to your real estate search list. It has a population of just 4,500 residents. The people are friendly and the shopping facilities are plentiful. There are lots of employment opportunities. You can relax in the evening and think of places beyond, although you should not need to when residing here, as there are the open skies that allow you to observe the stars at night. 

Harbour Oaks is a condo community situated on the North Carolina coast. There are some wonderful apartments near the beach. The emphasis here is on luxury and the lifestyle that goes with that way of thinking. Living this way is something that you will enjoy experiencing.

At Ogden, you have a medium-sized suburb in terms of its population. Good employment opportunities and excellent public schools can be found here. Also, it is not all that far from the ocean, with the beach just 15 minutes away. You never want water too far away. It represents such a peaceful and idyllic way to spend your life. You can enjoy water sports or simply chill out while watching waves and tidal activity.

A small town known as Surf City near Wilmington houses friendly residents that make up a tight-knit community. You can be a part of that. The weather here is mild, so nothing extreme to endure. The beach is even closer in this case. Just 5 minutes away by car. The air is pure, and during the summer months, the air is full of the wonderful smell of flowers. Again, public schools are highly rated.

At Sea Breeze, it is even quieter than Bayshore. The neighbourhood can boast the low crime rates that everyone desires to have. Coupled with this, there are the most beautiful surroundings. The public schools are rated high, too. It is considered a wonderful place to raise a family because of its choice of affordable housing units. There is also, of course, the choice of luxury, depending on your budget.

Type of Housing in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the types of real estate that you can find will include Federal, Georgian, and Colonial styles. You could opt for a bungalow, log cabin, or farmhouse. There is the choice of modern and contemporary designs as well as houses that are in a mountain vernacular style so that they fit in with the geography and climate they find themselves in. Installing cool wallpapers can also help in customizing your preferred designs. 

So, considering both location and house style, we now should have an idea of just what we are looking for. So, it will be all about finding the right price to fit our budget. An online real estate agent can help you find something at your desired location that is affordable and that fits your lifestyle.

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Good luck with your house hunting!