Bath and Body Works has always been a default gift by friends and relatives who came from the US. More often than not, I always receive those pocketbac hand sanitizers. TBH, I don't use them. Back then, I prefer either wet wipes or pocket-sized alcohol.  On a few times, I would pass by the wide kiosk of Bath and Body Works in NAIA Terminal 3. I would attempt to purchase, but nothing interests me. 

Late last year, a former student based in US started live selling Bath and Body Works products. The cheapest bundle deals were tempting. It was then that I discovered the brand's other products. They have shower gel and an extensive line of candles. The three-wick candles caught my attention. The scents were interesting and upon checking PH-based prices, I discovered local-based sellers with overpriced items.

The live selling session offers around Php 800 for a three-wick candle, while local resellers I found offer Php 1,500 and above. Seeing it as a good deal, I bought two candles. (Filing this as on my list of #budol finds and unnecessary purchases during the pandemic haha) 

I initially bought Welcome Home and the popular Paris Cafe. Both scents are currently sold out in the Bath and Body Work's US site. 

Welcome Home  - I didn't research anything about this scent prior to the purchase. I was attracted to the packaging and fall-inspired theme. The scent didn't disappoint. The room smelled like someone is baking cinnamon buns. The scent reminds me of being cooped inside a log house in a cold place like Tagaytay or Baguio and enjoying freshly baked bread. (My thoughts reflect what I've been looking forward from the past two years. )

Paris Cafe - The most popular scent, often sold out even among local resellers. Coffee lovers will highly appreciate this scent. Think of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries

Love (Limited Edition) - The usual Rose Water & Ivy scent was repackaged in time for Valentine's Day in 2021. I think not everyone might appreciate this scent. It reminded me of dried scented flowers in chapels or apologies, the cemetery. :p But once lighted, it leaves that refreshing floral scent. 

I have been using the candles for several months. I guess my observations serve as my review

1. One candle is powerful enough to spread the scent in my entire room. I'm not sure if it's because each candle is equipped with essential oils.

2. The scent is powerful, but not irritating. It does not have that artificial and intoxicating smell.  I can say that the scent is close to reality. 

3. The wax melts so fast. I don't think the huge candle will last for 24 hours. While the melted wax can be reused, the scent becomes weak over time. 

4. A minor thing but the designs in each tub are actually printed labels or stickers. Initially, I thought the Welcome Hone Candle's design was directly printed on the jar. 

I bought more than enough supply of scented candles this year. Once in a while, I still window shop at Bath and Body Works and compare prices. While it is cheaper in US, restrictions on flammable products prevents me from purchasing. Though in the future, I wish to try other scents such as the Eucalyptus (never mind if my friend says it smells like Vicks Vaporub haha), Mahogany Apple and Champagne Toast.