Rainy Days - The rare times, it has been raining for almost two weeks in Manila. While I appreciate the rare colder weather, the hassles it brings is another story. 

One of the usual tasks I dread is finally over last week. Of the years I'm involved in this task, the past week was the toughest. There were to say the least, learning experiences. A few things, there are times when I need to make my presence felt. I have to be firm and confident, even among elder colleagues. It's easier to become a detractor than a contributor. 

In the succeeding months, the most awaited phase of our major project will happen. I hope I'm still fine until the end of September. If time and resources permit, I wish for a one week vacation away from the city. I haven't had a decent vacation for years. A vacation that will make me forget work and soon after, will change my outlook for work. I can't remember the last time I felt excited to work after a week-long break. These days, it has always been, I dread Sundays because it signals another frightening Monday. 

Another thing that worries me, news revealed that the government is considering a revert to stricter quarantine restrictions. I don't anymore work from home. Our project will happen from August to September. Coordination efforts will be more difficult when everyone is at wfh arrangement. 

I have completed my vaccination. Most of my friends and family members in Manila are also done. Last year, I thought the vaccine can make our lives better. But with the new variant, looks like we have more things to worry.  :(