Have you noticed the new mini button in my sidebar?

Early this year, my blog sponsored a giveaway for My Memories.

A few of my followers joined (thank you!) and Amanda, one of my bloggy bffs, won the free copy of the software. A few weeks ago, My Memories invited me to join their Affiliate Program. Any blogger can actually apply for membership. You can know more about the specific details here.

In exchange for the membership, the blogger will receive a free downloadable full version of the software. In addition, your friends, families, or anyone you refer will receive a $ 10 discount when they purchase the software. In my case, I have posted the discount coupon code in my side bar. So being my follower, reader or friend, you are entitled to save $ 10 when you decide to purchase the software. However, I'm extending the discount coupon to everyone. Anyone can copy my coupon code and post it anywhere in your blog, Twitter or Facebook. I would actually appreciate if you share and spread this opportunity.

Coupon Code : STMMMS45764

And to fulfill my promise of using My Memories, here's a very amateurish layout I made for my nephew, who is enjoying his vacay in the Philippines

1. The album cover shows a very healthy kid. Stephen is my nephew from my cousin whose family resides in California. They visit the Philippines every three years so we rarely have the chance to play and cuddle with my thinnest :D nephew.

2. This was Stephen around 7 months old, if I'm not mistaken. Everyone in the family have loved him even though he used to exist  in photos posted in our Facebook accounts.

3. Stephen was finally baptized during his first birthday.

4. Stephen now at 4 years old with my beautiful nieces. He is really enjoying the company of his equally adorable and energetic cousins.

Hopefully, I could play with this "little big man" over the weekends. 

Happy Friday!