Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 20 - Pain for being vain?

 I'm scheduled to attend a rare event that requires me to dress up. Ironically, despite being a proud member of the female populace, I don't enjoy those stiff and formal events. I hate the unnecessary stress and worries arising from the preparations. Finding the perfect dress, formal shoes that doesn't come in heels and worst of all, paying for make up services that made me look like a kiddie party clown. Heck, I can make a separate post for all the gay-murdered-makeup I had in my life.

My frustration however doesn't totally mean that I hate formal events to death. Once in a while, I would love to see myself in skirts with just "enough make-up". In preparation for the rare formal event I will be attending, I made some unexpected expenditures.

It started with this

To my defense, some of these items form my everyday office makeup. Powder foundation, eye brow pencil and little blush are my overall concealers. LOL They hide all those traces of sleepless nights everyday. haha

Hopefully, I'll be able to score the perfect blend on Saturday.

Don't anymore ask me what I submitted for waxing. ;-) 

I used to ignore hair waxing salons.Why spend if you can do these things on your own? Apparently, the only time I understood everything was when I finally tried their services.

My verdict, there are some people who are best in doing some of our needs. Instead of bothering and stressing ourselves, it's best if we entrust everything to those who know best. After undergoing their services, this is what I have to say, (trust me)  it's not as painful as you expect.

From left to right, introducing the few more things that pains my wallet

Perfume from Body Shop - I'm allergic to perfume. The scent and the intense heat of our tropical climate make me gain those headaches. Though I hate to use perfume, I have to make some sacrifices in those rare occasions. Any tips on how to this problem?

Vaseline or any Milk Lotion - The lesser the scent, the better for me. To avoid those white lines is the main reason why I use lotion. Unfortunately, even this basic routine is something I often fail to do. 

Hair Serum - A day in my life will never be possible without this. Otherwise, hello Afro inspired hair. LOL

Celeteque Moisturizer - As much as I want to try brands such as La Mer, budget considerations come first. My face is super oily so all those sticky and creamy moisturizers don't help. The water based moisturizer is the only thing that can complement my greasiness.   

Nivea Aloe deodorant - Again, the lesser the scent and chemicals, the better. I'm the queen of sensitivity so all those self-proclaimed beneficial effects do not appeal to me.

How about you? What beauty products do you usually purchase?

I would love to hear the things that make you beautiful.

Have a great week ahead!



  1. I have sensitive skin so I use products without scent and I appreciate others that do, too. Even at a formal event, I would prefer someone coming with the nice clean scent of soap and not perfume. There will be enough conflicting scents in the room. You'll be beautiful! I hope you'll have photos taken. Happy Sunday!

  2. Hello Diane,

    I don't use perfume at all. My make up comes from Body Shop and I go for the natural look. Nothing worse than overdone make up!! I have never had waxing done professionally - are you sure it didn't hurt??!! ;-)
    Have you decided on a dress yet? Will it be blue? I'm sure you'll look fabulous on the day :)
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. Yes, I did a little happy dance when the doctors told me. Health is everything!
    Yes, that is a CK bag - got it online at greatly reduced price, but when I received it I thought - gosh, I could have made it myself! LOL. A little disappointed at the quality...

    Wishing you also a great week ahead and no worries about the upcoming event :)

  3. I use perfume everyday, for more than 40 years, my mother taught me like that. Mother acquired an alergy 30 years ago against everything with perfume in it, even make up and feel sorry for her cause she loved perfume! I also enjoy getting all dressed up and high heeled once in a while, cause eveyday cloths are what they are..EVERYDAY!! I go to the salon once a month, for coloring my hair, manicure and pedicure..I so love the pampering! I'd love to see you all prettier up, and with a beautiful dress, hope you share with us. Thanks for hosting, my first time here and I'm thrilled! Happy upcoming event and a very blessed week.

  4. Oh, I just became your newest follower...hope you like to follow me back. I'm posting from Cuenca-Ecuador, in the South American Andes, where is like spring and like fall. In the coastal region is hot and hotter..right now it's like 80ºF with a breeze and it's just lovely. Where I live, in the Andean region, right now it's like spring, sunny and all. For a couple weeks we had Fall cold weather, like in the USA. Thank you for your lovely and kind comments.

  5. Diane,
    I have never been one to wear alot of make up. Just a bit of base with sunscreen and light powder. I tried eyeliner as a teen and felt that it made me look to hard. Therefore still just wear mascara. I love going in to have a new cut every now and then. And yes, leave that to the professionals. The older I get the more scents bother me. They burn my eyes. Kind of weird, but they do. So I like lotions with only pure clean scents also. Best of luck with your event.

  6. I hate ugly makeups, that's why I end up doing it on myself even for formal occasions. I end up buying stuff, which is more pricey but at least I know I'm in good hands. LOL. Pag-aralan mo na lang din, parang crafts lang din yun! :)

    As for the perfume, maybe you can use a body spray and lotion in the same scent instead.

    By the way, you might wanna join my birthday/blog anniv giveaway:

  7. Loved this post Diane, I'm sure you'll look good no matter what you do:-) I treat myself to the salon every four weeks to cover the gray...OK, I admit it.

  8. I also love Lay Bare. Sobrang mura noh? :D sila ang nag-"devirginize" sa eyebrows ko, last year lang. Hahaha. O diba kala mo ang kikay ko noh.. But nooo. :P

  9. I know what you mean about having super oily skin!!! I actually use a line of products that I sell, called Artistry. I started using them a year ago and I have no issues with oily skin now! and I use the stuff everyday.. day and night, because it makes all the difference. If I miss a day, I know it... needless to say, I haven't missed a day in over 6 months because it is that important to me. The products are a little more expensive, but last so long and are definitely worth it!! I hope that your event goes well!!! I think I will have to look into those waxing services.. I've never gone, but I've been thinking about it. Does it really make all the difference???

    I hope you had a great monday and tuesday! :)

  10. I'd like to try Lay Bare for my chest! Hahaha just kidding. Maybe sa half legs and underarms? hehe. Ang mura nga nya. Where is this anyway?

  11. I love how much thought you put into preparing for that event. The best thing you can do: Have fun! Have fun before and during. I'm sure you will look just great (want to see pictures). How do I make myself pretty? Sleep!! If I sleep everything glows :)

  12. Like Jenn Ji Hyun asks: WHERE IS THE WAXING LOCATION?!

    Next, my terrific husband LOVES a lovely-scented wife, so "his wife" constantly possesses a lovely scent! He maintains my well-stocked supply of eau de parfum. Two of my favorites are "Beauty" by Calvin Klein and "Lolita Lempicka" by Lolita Lempicka.

    Next, I don't make-up, but I do pluck excess facial hair. As a redhead, that is facial mole-hair, eyebrows and even chin. Be careful, though, gals. Plucking all those outside hairs on the brows will render half-long eyebrows. (I think those "tattooed" eyebrows are horrible with a capital HORR.) As we age, we lose those outside eyebrow hair strands, so only pluck strays and leave those outside eyebrow hair strands be. At 50 you'll thank me for this timely advice. {Right.}

    And finally, I love coconut oil. I buy the cold pressed at a health food store. Not only is it great on toast, for cooking popcorn, etc. (yummy food grade!), it's fabulous for dry skin. As it's au naturale, it's better than man-made stuff. As a younger woman I had extremely oily facial skin, and I'm a sweat-er, too. But at 51, my skin has drastically changed over the past few years so my face and legs feel especially nice with a little coconut oil. If you want it to be a "cream," just pop it in the ref for a little bit and it will firm up and turn white. If you want it to be a liquid, just keep it on your vanity in the Philippine climate and it'll do just fine. LOVE the stuff!

    And thanks for stopping by to comment, Diane. I have a feeling Part 3 of my Labor Day Weekend Reflections is also my favorite post in nearly three years of blogging, too! *wink*

    So long for now from Connecticut, USA,
    Kelley of Kelley Highway

  13. I hope you enjoy your event, Diane! I am sure you will look beautiful.

  14. Can't wait to see your photos at this event. Please don't forget to share here! :)

    Beauty products I normally purchase:
    - Olay Total Effects
    - Some facial wash and toner from L'oreal
    - Phytogenics face powder from The Face Shop
    - Cheek Tint from The Body Shop
    - Chapstick or the Maybelline lip balm
    - dark brown, black and cream matte eye shadow from max factor (for my eyebrows)

    That's it. I decided to go au naturale since last year so I don't use a lot of make-up anymore. Like you, I only buy make-up when I have to attend a formal event... and they will usually expire before I use them up, haha.


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