I'm scheduled to attend a rare event that requires me to dress up. Ironically, despite being a proud member of the female populace, I don't enjoy those stiff and formal events. I hate the unnecessary stress and worries arising from the preparations. Finding the perfect dress, formal shoes that doesn't come in heels and worst of all, paying for make up services that made me look like a kiddie party clown. Heck, I can make a separate post for all the gay-murdered-makeup I had in my life.

My frustration however doesn't totally mean that I hate formal events to death. Once in a while, I would love to see myself in skirts with just "enough make-up". In preparation for the rare formal event I will be attending, I made some unexpected expenditures.

It started with this

To my defense, some of these items form my everyday office makeup. Powder foundation, eye brow pencil and little blush are my overall concealers. LOL They hide all those traces of sleepless nights everyday. haha

Hopefully, I'll be able to score the perfect blend on Saturday.

Don't anymore ask me what I submitted for waxing. ;-) 

I used to ignore hair waxing salons.Why spend if you can do these things on your own? Apparently, the only time I understood everything was when I finally tried their services.

My verdict, there are some people who are best in doing some of our needs. Instead of bothering and stressing ourselves, it's best if we entrust everything to those who know best. After undergoing their services, this is what I have to say, (trust me)  it's not as painful as you expect.

From left to right, introducing the few more things that pains my wallet

Perfume from Body Shop - I'm allergic to perfume. The scent and the intense heat of our tropical climate make me gain those headaches. Though I hate to use perfume, I have to make some sacrifices in those rare occasions. Any tips on how to this problem?

Vaseline or any Milk Lotion - The lesser the scent, the better for me. To avoid those white lines is the main reason why I use lotion. Unfortunately, even this basic routine is something I often fail to do. 

Hair Serum - A day in my life will never be possible without this. Otherwise, hello Afro inspired hair. LOL

Celeteque Moisturizer - As much as I want to try brands such as La Mer, budget considerations come first. My face is super oily so all those sticky and creamy moisturizers don't help. The water based moisturizer is the only thing that can complement my greasiness.   

Nivea Aloe deodorant - Again, the lesser the scent and chemicals, the better. I'm the queen of sensitivity so all those self-proclaimed beneficial effects do not appeal to me.

How about you? What beauty products do you usually purchase?

I would love to hear the things that make you beautiful.

Have a great week ahead!