I have been ranting about my additional teaching assignments over the past posts. I'm making a promise. This is the last time I will complain about my 12 hours of working schedule every Mondays and Wednesdays. Your eyes read it right, 12 hours of work ;-) Why? It's because the final examinations are scheduled over the next weeks, hooray! But of course, before I can finally free myself from all the responsibilities, the next days would mean checking tons of paper, verifying deficiencies and praying that all the restless college kids would make it. *Hopefully!*

While I can't do something with the worries of the bulk of workload, I can however divert my attention to some things that kept me and bulging belly happy :-)
If you have been reading my previous posts, you have heard of the many times I mentioned Sophie's Mom Red Velvet cookies. This is my kind of cookie. Flavorful with just enough sweetness.

On the healthier side, my fascination to the Korean Drama series now extends to their food. I've been addicted to this over the past months

Legume Ravioli is one of Korea's vegetable dumpling. My Auntie introduced me this 50 pcs. pack from SM. Since it is vegetable, I assumed that I will never like it. But when I bite a piece, my taste buds fell in love with the rich flavor of its stuffed filling. There was no trace of a bitter and bland veggie.

The cover label suggests that it should be steamed and served with your preferred sauce. It could also serve as an ingredient for your vegetable soup. In my case however, I prefer it deep fried.

Unfortunately, this is the unhealthy way of cooking the dumpling. Fried, oily and bad for the heart. But hey, I love it that way!

I admit that the dumplings were overcooked in this picture. To my defense, I fried these pieces at 1am in the morning as I was fighting the need to finally sleep. So what do I expect? Haha

On a different note, Jessie J's Domino has been energizing me in those wee hours, when I have to force myself to work.

The lyrics does not fit me. I know! Haha But just the same, it works to keep me alive and awake.