Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 22 - Thankfully

The past week has been different. My usual work schedule changed because I attended a three-day course with my boss. The venue was way far from my everyday travel routine. As a result, I was late for three straight days. I never discovered the most time efficient way to reach Ortigas. Despite my lousy tardiness, I was able to complete the three sessions and I'm proud to say that I'm more equipped with my job at the Strategic Planning Office. Three days of information overload, whew! I wasn't able to have a full grasp of everything but I'm more challenged of the new and additional work I have to face. Hopefully, me and my boss would make it happen.

After the three-day draining course, my boss treated us to a Jang Ga Nae, a famous Korean restaurant along Escriva Drive in Ortigas. It was my first time to try Korean cuisine! As much as I want to take pictures, I felt a bit shy and my lousy E63 will not cooperate. I want to dine in at Jang Ga Nae again but I guess it would take a lifetime to convince my not-so-adventure friends to try it. If only Anna is still alive today, I could easily tag her along. I miss her so much.

As I remember Anna, I realized that it's her birthday month. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit her memorial site tomorrow. I remember last year when I blogged about our Binondo experience. No one ever thought that it would be her last birthday with us.

On the happier side, I received my salary for the additional teaching load given to me. The meager pay from teaching could give me the chance to fatten my savings account, pay my bills, treat my parents and make a little shopping. ;) However, a sudden expenditure has to be made at home. In my younger years, I would get frustrated when things like these come up. I would like to believe I've matured a little because I rather felt thankful. The additional income meant that I have something to cover up.

For the little money left after savings and expenditures, here are my treats-to-myself

I'm so glad that I was able to stick with my budget :) Blue top from Apple and Eve, faux leather bracelet and a cheap perfume from Kamiseta.

And how could I forget my ever favorite red velvet cookie from Sophie's Mom.

Last week, one of the students I inherited from my colleague left stark words against me on her twitter account. It affected me but God knows how to compensate because another student made me happy. My previous post detailed everything.

This is it for my Beautiful Sunday. I got 3 more weeks to finish my tiring 12-hour work schedule. Hopefully, I'll be blessed with more patience and strength to handle my restless college kids.

I want to read your beautiful posts too :)


  1. Sounds like you've been one very busy lady. I'm sure you're happy this last week is behind you now. I hope you get to visit Anna's memorial site, I know how much you miss her.
    Thanks for sharing Diane.

  2. Happy Beautiful Sunday Diane. I am so so sorry you are missing your sweet friend. It will be a difficult month with the flood of memories. Hold tight to the good ones and tuck them away in your heart. xo

  3. natatakam ako sa red velvet cookie na yan,, yum yum!! uy sis ibang level ka parang celebrity lang ang peg may basher, wag pa apekto dahil kung may basher ka mas madami ang LOVE ka. =)

  4. I'm so glad you were able to give yourself a little reward and still stay on budget. Way to go, Diane!

  5. I don't know that my comment went through.... Just wanted to say that you are an amazing worker!!! So glad you could buy yourself something nice :) have a good week!!! <3 and I hope you can visit Anna's memorial tomorrow

  6. Omg, the red velvet cookie looks so tempting!

  7. I like your treats to yourself this week...especially that bracelet! They are so popular right now and I love them! Sweet hugs, my name mate and friend!

  8. rewards for urself. :) really sweet...

  9. Diane, may Sophie's Mom na sa The Block sa SM North!!! Natikman ko na to sa wakas and you are right. They are divine! Feeling ko lang I can easily finish a box of 6 by myself but my husband keeps harassing me everytime he sees me buying more, haha.


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