My additional teaching assignment has been occupying much of my time for almost a month. My outputs in the office has becoming a casualty as I have been causing delay and begging for deadline extensions. My previous boss often describe me as someone who can accomplish tasks ahead of time. But with the way things are going now, I have turned as the completely opposite person. I feel that I'm becoming a liability than an asset to my current boss.

Another casualty of my inefficiency is this blog. September is about to end and I have only written four posts. When my schedule gets better over the next months, I promise to compensate and flood my page with posts ;-)  Hopefully!

I admit that I don't have plans of blogging today. However, someone really made me happy and I felt the need to share and blog about it. Everything started when I checked my email this morning. I was surprised with an unlikely email from one of my students

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Translation for my non-Filipino blog readers
Hi Ma'am! Will you still discuss more topics about the stock market? The topic is interesting to me. I wanted to learn more on how people make money from the stock market. I wasn't contented with the coverage our previous discussion. Thank you Ma'am. 

I often email my college kids with reminders and supplementary references. Of the almost 100 students in my contact list, it's very rare for me to receive any response from them. I can count the number of times I received even an acknowledgement receipt from any of my students.

The email was not a praise or appreciation to be proud of. It was a little request made by a hungry college kid. However, a drop of fulfillment melted my heart because of  that tiny seed of interest. The email made me realize that I'm not after all a total robotic teacher. The email also came so timely, especially after what happened over the past days. I don't intend to detail it here but two of my friends know the story of a college kid who gave me harsh words through her Twitter account. The stark words affected me to a certain extent. However, Jen and this email were more than enough to convince me that I should remain in this noble profession. Thank you student R, T and Jen.

Not everyone can be given the opportunity to teach. However, each one of us had a chance to become students of our respective teachers.More than studying lectures and excelling in class, one of the simplest yet greatest fulfillment that a teacher could ever receive is whenever students express their gratitude and appreciation. A tweet, email or a personal handwritten letter of a sincere student to his teacher overpowers the happiness caused by all the money in the world. The feeling of being able to mentor students is indeed priceless.