I'm really going on a break now. Hooray!

The first and second days of November are holidays for us. I don't have to report for work and I just received my month-end pay. Who would not love getting paid without the need to report for work? And the best about everything, the first two days of November is followed by another weekend. I have more time to rest, read my pile of books and sleep without hitting the snooze button of my alarm clock. Hopefully, it will become a well spent weekend with my family and friends.

Despite my relaxed schedule, I still plan to accomplish a lot of things. I specifically want to

1. Visit the memorial site of my dear friend Anna and my grandparents 
2. Go back to jogging... my greatest struggle because I'd rather lounge in bed than tire myself
3. Have my much needed hair spa - hopefully, if budget permits
4. Visit the hair waxing salon
5. Eat healthy meals.. I badly needed it. I've been eating a lot of fastfood meals and Coke over the past weeks. I'm looking forward for fish and vegetable meals with my family.
6. Finish Postcards from the Heart by Ella Griffin - I've been reading this book for more than a month. I wanted to finish the book and finally blog about it.
7. Finish some freelance works *hopefully, I'll get paid before Christmas*
and more importantly,
8. pray and regain my healthy spiritual life

Before I finally doze off

Sharing my favorite Halloween treat!  

P.S. I'm praying for our brothers and sisters in the East Coast.