The first day of my rare long weekend break is about to end. And even though I'm counting my days, I'm happy to say that I'm loving every minute of it. I was able to sleep for more than eight hours and this is something I really savor. I've read a lot of articles emphasizing the beneficial effects of having adequate sleep. More often than not, professionals claim that sleeping hours can dictate our outlook for the entire day. True enough, I was in good mood this morning. Despite the pile of bills and errands to attend, I felt that everything is lighter this day. Sigh.. I hope this feeling will remain even on the next months.

Aside from the fact that I have more time with my family now, there's one thing that really made me happy this day.

Eight months after her death, I was able to finally visit the memorial site of my dearest friend Anna. Time really flies so fast my dear friend. When 2012 entered, you told me you were sad. I wanted to cheer you up so I visited you every weekend of February. March came, I received a text message and that was it. One more month to go and it will be our favorite time of the year again. I will miss those rare Christmas shopping, movies and lunches together with Anne. But don't worry my dear friend. I will remain true to my promise with you.

After visiting Anna, I was exchanging text messages with her mom. For some reason, those few messages gave me moments of priceless and indescribable happiness. It maybe awkward for some, but I'm close to Anna's mom. When she was planning Anna's 18th birthday, her mom considered me as one of her major accomplice haha I have other friends but it was only Anna's mom who made me feel like I'm a member of their family.

Tomorrow is All Saints Day and as part of our annual tradition, I will head out to the cemetery to visit another important mom in my life, my paternal grandmother. 

I hope everyone is having a great week too.