Today is the last day of my almost week long break. Sad, but the happiness is more than overflowing to compensate. I started my holiday break by visiting the memorial site of my dear friend, Anna. The next day, my mother and I headed to the cemetery to visit my late paternal grandmother and auntie. As always, the first day of November for us means having a mini-reunion.

We arrived a bit late (my fault) but those counted instances I see my cousins are always priceless.

The rare weekdays I'm home with my family is spent having lunches and dinners together. We eat at the same time and enjoy the best home cooked meals prepared by my Nanay. One of life's greatest ironies, you tend to appreciate these things as you age. When I was still a kid, eating with my family was like an ordinary day. It was simply a routine for me. Today, I value each meal we share together.

Speaking of food, whenever our tummies can still accommodate, we call KFC for delivery

Mashed potatoes, crunchy chicken burger and hot shots meals are our favorite midnight snacks.

Aside from my family, I finally had the chance to meet another dear friend. It's been months since I last saw Anne. We went book shopping and shared another sumptuous meal before we parted ways. We have plans of what to do before Christmas. Hopefully our shopping and eating escapades on December will push through. Did I just mention December? Yay! This is another month that really excites me. It will be my birthday soon and there will be another long holiday break to look forward.

Tomorrow, I will reporting back for work. Surprisingly, I don't feel irritated, restless and haggard of the next working days. Is it because of the most awaited Christmas break? Perhaps, but I guess the long holiday break really served me well.

Have a Beautiful Sunday!

I would love to read your beautiful posts too.