Sundays for me would always mean having that long afternoon naps. After having lunch with my family, I lounge in bed for a great read or switch channels in search for a great movie. When those yawns start to attack me, I give up and ended up zzzzzz Never mind if the TV is turned on and I'm wasting electricity. Ironically, despite falling to a deep sleep, I'm awakened when someone attempts to turn off my useless TV. LOL

This afternoon, I almost thought that I would be wasting my time with my favorite lazy hobby. Surprisingly, I was wide awake the entire afternoon because I found myself hooked with a great movie.

Who among you have watched this film?
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I love movies that feature kids. Starting with The Little Rascals to the Toy Story series. These kinds of movies never fail to attract me. So when I saw the cute Abigail Bresin, I got hooked over the movie and decided to forgo my afternoon nap.

The movie was set in the early 1930s when the US economy was plagued by the Great Depression. This was very familiar to me because this issue was always a topic in my major subjects in Economics. Though back then, the focal point of our discussions was learning the different ways on how the government handled the problem. To see the economic downturn in the eyes of a 10 year old kid, was something I never encountered in my college days.

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The movie made me see how a family survived and coped with the unfortunate economic depression. Abigail's father was forced to seek employment in Chicago. To keep up with the expenses, Abigail's mother opened their home in Cincinnati to boarders, to which Abigail disapproved but left her with no choice.What I love about the movie was how Abigail work her way to become a reporter in a daily newspaper. She kept on emphasizing that all she wanted was a fair chance to be considered. Abigail gave me that unusual emotional trail because in one way or another, I see myself in her shoes. Our only difference is, Abigail was more courageous than me. 

I admit that life is financially tougher for me now. I admit that part of me is scared of the things to come. Part of this is my fault, but I'm willing to correct everything. While I keep saying to myself that I'm willing to face the consequences, part of me is frightened and worried everyday.

While I'm being fed with my own bitter pill of learning, I hope I can still make space for fulfilling my dreams. In a few more years, I will turn 30 and that bothers me more. I overheard one Psychologist saying that when we reach 30, we are like shaping the remaining years of our lives. Decisions made at that age will determine almost half of our life. 

I really hope that the scared grown up in me will be like Abigail. Hardworking, determined and brave enough to stand up for the family and at the same time, fulfill her personal dreams.