My American friends are still savoring the festive mood of the Thanksgiving Day. The few times that there is no work, family is complete and more importantly for me, there is great food to share LOL are just the best.  You see, food never fails to uplift me. In the Philippines, we don' t really celebrate Thanksgiving. The more important time of the year for us are Christmas and New Year. I'm counting the days! Obviously, my excitement is just overflowing in this blog. While I still have to wait and work for weeks, I'm savoring each passing day. Despite the problems and challenges, I'm enjoying those simple treats that life has been offering me everyday.

And speaking of treats, let me share with you some of them

My family is not a great fan of Italian dishes. However, because of some generous soul, we were able to have a little Italian this week

Italian vegetable pizza and my favorite homemade potato chips from Cibo. It was my first time to try Cibo. Customer service is 5 out of 5 stars at their Gateway branch. However, as for the pizza, I feel that Italian style is not just my type. My family still prefers the classic Pizza Hut or Shakeys. The potato chips are great and it even comes in a special mayo dip. Lesson learned now, opt for pasta and sandwiches in Italian restaurants.

I mentioned in my previous post about my growing love for Korean dishes. I just gained another reason to love South Korea.

I first became addicted to this

A few days after, I discovered another variant

It's a fish but deep inside

  Vanilla ice cream topped with red beans, Yay!

I got these great treats from our school's canteen. Each costs Php 35 and Php 45 respectively. It's a bit pricey, but cheaper than the much hyped Magnum. Between the two however, I would settle for these Korean ice creams.

My ever happy tummy will never get totally satisfied with desserts. While I felt tired of eating the usual sandwiches for snacks, I found these at 7-11

Spicy Siomai (dimsum) partnered with Coke to awaken the sleepyhead in me
Heavenly Happiness!

This week I hope to discover more cheap and simple foodie treats. This way, my attention will be diverted from the endless shopping and shopping for the upcoming holidays. Cheap foodie treats will enable me to spare the money for purchasing more flats LOL

Hope everyone is having a Beautiful Sunday!

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