Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 30 - Always something there to remind me

Two more weeks and it will be December again. Yay! Here in the Philippines, the spirit of Christmas is felt almost everywhere. Shopping malls serve as best place that intensifies the Christmas spirit. The Christmas decors and songs that send signals to my body to purchase another pair of blue flats. Haha But no, I have to be more prudent this Christmas. Crossing my fingers, I really hope that I would be able to stick with my budget. There are bills to settle for the next years, added to it my upcoming trip. Hopefully! Hopefully! I can make things happen.

This week went fine. Almost, but I'd rather not dwell on the negativities. My typical work week changed when Emily Griffin personally thanked me for my review. Her words really inspired me to read and write more reviews. As I'm typing this post, I suddenly remember my English and Literature classes back in High School. It was raining C's on my initial attempts to write a book review. LOL My limited self esteem almost vanished during those days. Good thing blogging came as it provided me the opportunity to express my thoughts the way I want it. No grades and teachers to impress here.

Aside from Ella Griffin, payday should have made me the happiest this week. However, after doing some budgeting, I felt sad. My fellow Filipinos who are likewise struggling employees could understand my sentiments. As sadness is trying to weaken me, a colleague somehow sent me a reminder to be thankful despite of everything.

I was exchanging text messages with a colleague as we were anticipating our much needed pay in our atm accounts. For the benefit of my foreign blog readers, our last conversation speaks of everything. My colleague said

My salary just passed by too. How devastating. But at the end of day, I'm still thankful. It's better to have a salary than to have nothing at all.

So there, thank you colleague for reminding me these little things. Despite of everything, there are just somethings that make life beautiful.

How about you? What are some little but beautiful things that made your week?


  1. I know what you mean. Here in Ecuador everyting is C'mas all over the place and I haven't even decked my house. The pic is from last always there something to remind me, lol..Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  2. SO AGREE!!! :)))) Super nakakalift up ng spirit everytime i pass greenhills otw to work and i see there the Christmas designs...and other places too! and again, AGREE! Paydays are always happy days. LOL. lalo na ngayon na may 13th month pa...hihi...more happy days for you!

  3. Things are slowly looking Christmassy over here. They put up a large Christmas tree in the town square a few days ago. In December there will be loads of traditional Christmas Markets everywhere! Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far! take care,

  4. It's always good to count our blessings. We can find those that are better off but also those that have less everywhere we look. It's important to appreciate what we are given. I can't wait to decorate some for Christmas. Enjoy the week ahead my friend and namemate!

  5. Where does the time go? Our Thanksgiving seems so early this year and only a few days away. So much to be thankful for!

  6. Hello Diane!

    So nice of you to drop by my blog. I like reading about you and your blog. Like yourself, I am obsessed with flats, and have a tough time fighting off junk food. Another thing we may have in common is originating from South East Asia :)
    Although, I have yet to visit the Philippines!

    Thank you for your posts on reflecting on what we need to be thankful for. I was a little stumped trying to come up with things to be thankful for over the last week. I guess, in a broad sense, I am really thankful for everything I currently have.



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