Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cool down please

This should be the only time of the year when the weather in my dear tropical country should already cool down. Unfortunately, it still feels like summer here. Global warming, is that you? Whatever force is causing this unusual weather is making me miss those cold mornings as Christmas is fast approaching. While my blog friends in the other side of the world are placing every piece of clothing to keep them warm, it's the extreme opposite here.

In my desire to convince myself that the temperature will soon calm down ;-)  I gave in to the temptation of buying this
Unfortunately, this doesn't appear as wise buy now. If I wear this in one weekend afternoon, I will definitely gain nothing but buckets of sweat and body odor? Ewww LOL

My dear blog friends in Europe and the other side of the world, please share a dose of those freezing temperature here. :-) In the meantime, I found something to beat that extended summer heat in December

I confess that I've been obsessed with everything Korean lately.  Just this afternoon, I found this watermelon popsicle that intensified my Korean addiction. Yay! Something to make me fatter, happier and colder?

I hope everyone is having a great week. 


  1. ang cute ng blouse, nice ng color, matching sa popsicle mo, favorite mo din pala ang pink and green =)

    1. haha oo nga matchy matchy pala sila.. actually blue ang first love ko tlaga.. na-cute-an lang ako sa green with pink :)

  2. Diane, I did not know you liked the cold! I would be happy to switch with you ;-)
    I hope the ice helped you cool down a bit! Over here the ice cream parlours close their shops for winter and sell coffee and waffles instead!
    have a great rest of the week!

  3. You tell me... Weather here is so abnormal. One day it's cold the next it's burning hot! Sometimes we experience all seasons in one day!

    Anyway that's too bad. I was kinda looking forward to cool season in the Philippines too. And the sweater's too cute to waste so why don't you just turn on your aircon at the office to high cool and then wear it. Watchatink??? haha ;)

  4. Ang cute ng ice cream :) Nakatikim na ako ng Korean ice cream na banana naman yung flavor and they made it look like you are eating a banana talaga. Cute din ang itsura :)

    1. Ay banana! Wala pa sa school namen na available..Where did you buy? Hindi naman halatang adik na ako sa anything Korea noh? haha

  5. Cute, cute sweater, Diane! We are having similar weather here in the Arizona desert. Our early mornings and nights are cooler (50's to 60's range), but we are still in the 80's during the day. I keep trying to wear some light-weight long sleeves, but end up changing back to the summer version by noon. I keep looking, longingly, at my sweaters and just wishing for some coolness. Oh well, I really shouldn't complain. It's is beautiful here.

    Very nice give-away, Diane!


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