I'm writing this post hours before my most awaited birthday is about to end. It was my day but another event came in. For the first time, I celebrated my birthday on our company's annual Christmas party. I just came home, tired but thankful for everything. As much as I want to share all my pictures for this day, I'm quite in a hurry to finally call it a day. I need to sleep because I have to spend another special day with my maternal relatives. Anyway, allow me to share old photos and enumerate all the blessings that came in my life over the past years.

1. My Parents - They are the only people who will never get tired of loving me. They showed me the real meaning of unconditional love. They never left me and has always been silently proud of my little accomplishments. Thank you for everything Nanay and Daddy.

2. My Kuya - Not everyone knows that I was blessed to have a special brother. He was stricken by meningitis just months after He was born. Despite the fact that He can't speak, I believe that we communicate by heart. I'm not the perfect sister but I know, God gave me a perfect brother in him.

3. Friends - They are my everything next to my family. I'm proud to say that I only gained counted friends. I lost some but I'm still blessed to have those that are for keeps. I wanted to mention their names here, Hopefully I won't forget anyone despite bragging that I only have a few LOL

Anne - I've known here since I was 14 years old. From being acquaintances, we became the best of friends after college. Thanks to another dear friend Anna, who connected our paths before she went ahead.

Tinee - My bestest friend at the workplace. We were having lunches ever since we were the innocent and fresh college grads. She has been my lunch buddy for 7 years, whoa! It's only now that I realized that. She knows more than half of my life, including my dirty little secrets LOL Thank you for remaining loyal, supportive and accepting my friendship.

Abby - We criticize and laugh at each other. We brutally point out each other's weaknesses. LOL But no matter how many harsh words we utter to each other, we love each other so much. Ewww how cheesy! LOL

May Ann - We rarely communicate but I always consider May Ann as my greatest complement. We hate and get annoyed with the same people back in High School and Elementary haha that's why we got along well. But seriously, she is a friend for keeps.

My former students turned friends - I won't mention their names but the two ladies know who they are. One of them turned as a reliable colleague. The other kid is busy out there with her business. Good luck girl! Seriously, I never thought that I would be able to cross the line between being their teacher to friend.

4. My Ninang Isiang - She knows a lot about me too. She knows my frustrations and dreams in life. Whenever there are some things that I can't tell my Nanay, she always act as my second mom.

5. My Office Work - I have a love and hate relationship with this guy. Haha But work has brought out both the best and worst persons in me.

6. Teaching - When I was a kid, I always love to play the role of the teacher with my playmates. Once in a while, I would also tutor my younger cousins. For some reason, I never get tired of teaching my equally annoying cousins. Making them understand their lessons provided me that level of fulfillment. Fast forward now, I never imagined myself to become a college instructor. The job has given me my own happiness, heartaches and fulfillment over the past years.

7. Blogging - If the prodigal daughter in me failed to rediscover blogging, my life would not have been this happier. Blogging fulfilled my silent wish to write and as an added bonus, I met a lot of  great people here.

I was given so many blessings that I often neglect. Thank you God for giving me these blessings and I know I have not enumerated everything. If not because of these unexpected blessings, my life will never be this beautiful!

PS I'm one with my American blog friends in praying for the lost lives and families from the unfortunate incident in Connecticut.