When your once a year birthday and Christmas party landed on the same date, which would you choose? I say both!

My more than 5 years of working also represented the equal number of Christmas parties I attended at the workplace. Everyone looks forward to the party because aside from the celebration, it signals as our last day at work. This year however, some changes were implemented. Part of that change is having the party days before our holiday break.

A little confession to make, I was having second thoughts of skipping the workplace's Christmas party. I wanted to spend my own special and quiet time with my friends and family. However, I was given some assignment during the party. No, I didn't render any stage performance. NEVER haha I was requested by another department to assist in the backwork of the party. That was a great sign that I'm obliged to report for work on my birthday.

It was a good thing that our party was scheduled in the evening. I had morning until the afternoon to be with the people I love the most. On my special day, I woke up late to give myself that much needed sleep. For some reason, my body has gotten used to my late and unhealthy sleeping hours. I waited until midnight to catch the first minutes of my birthday. My blog friend, Zigrid can attest to this. Haha We were exchanging emails and checking each other's Facebook accounts. At 1 am, I finally had my birthday beauty rest LOL

Morning came and I was awakened by all the texts of birthday greetings. If only I can post the special ones here, I wanted to share some short but sweet messages. I went online again to check that rare time of the year when my Facebook account is overflowing with notifications. There were the usual birthday greetings but I was thankful for the few people who made the effort to send me private messages.

The pain of hunger started to attack me so I decided to have my birthday breakfast.

The first kid at heart dream was fulfilled! Kiddie spaghetti made by my Nanay (mother)! I love my Nanay's spaghetti because it is surely made of secret spices and it's oozing with beef, cheese and the sweet sauce.

That morning, I was having a happy conversation with my Nanay while savoring my comfort food. Yay! This is very different from my usual breakfast where I'm always rushing for my 7 am classes.

Afternoon came and I was scheduled to have my birthday lunch with some special friends. If possible, my greatest dream is to gather my friends from work and school in Tagaytay or Antipolo. I will treat them to their much deserved spa treatment, sumptuous meals and waste the entire day with me. When I turn 30, let's see if I can gather enough funds for that dream. Okay, back to reality, the most that I can afford now is a great lunch in one of our favorite restaurants.

I treated my workplace friends at Burgoo and I would like to believe that they enjoyed my treat.

Prepare to get hungry 
Sample Appetizer set from Burgoo

Seafood Jambalaya Rice

 A day before my birthday, I treated my other colleagues to a mini pizza party. Our office rarely receives visitors so that rare chance when people squeeze in our small haven really make me happy.

The pictures are screaming evidences of how guilty I am for adding all the useless fats and lbs to my few and close friends. LOL

The food porn, I mean post is done. Haha On my next entry, I will share the few, little but great blessings I received on my special day.